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Wedding Coordinator at Majestic Colonial


Just wondering if anybody knows who this is? I have RIchardo Espinosa’s contact information, but am wondering if I should direct my questions to somebody else. We are getting married there next month.


If you feel more secure dealing with Ricardo - deal with him. If it is a minor point ask for a contact of his preference at MC.

It should only be about what makes you feel more secure and confident that things are being properly handled.




Thanks Gregg. I emailed Ricardo yesterday and asked him if I should be directing my questions elsewhere. I haven’t heard from him yet. I have talked with him before though.


Congratulations on your up coming wedding. May you have a great life together with many, many years of happiness and joy. :sunglasses:


aaawwww thanks stillgotit! ;D


Does anybody have a different address? Ricardo hasn’t gotten back to me yet. The wedding is SIX weeks away and I have literally no info from the resort. I heard they don’t have a coordinator so I’m not sure what’s going on there.



I Just emailed Ricardo and got a response within an hour!
The resort has asked that their email not be posted at this time, since they are really really busy.
I sent the info by PM