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Wedding Coordinator? Majestic Colonial


My travel agent has been trying to get in touch with the coordinator at the new Majestic Colonial for WEEKS now with no success. Our vacation is booked to depart on the 18th and we are getting married. I have yet to get in touch with the coordinator. Any body have that information? Nobody has called my agent back yet. I’m starting to feel a little frustrated!! :’(



As stated in the travel brochures the Majestic does not open until Dec. so I assume you are getting married in that moth or the next. From what I’ve heard they are still working on finishing the property to make it ready for their opening.
I am sure that a fellow member of Debbies could go there if their resort is near by and get some answers for you. I have a friend who will be down there soon and will drop in and find out what is going on for you.


That’s so awesome! Thank you. I’m just a little panicked about details and stuff. I want to make sure that we will be able to actually marry that week.