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Wedding gifts for the destination couple?

Hi all,

In April we will be attending our first destination wedding. What is proper etiquette when it comes to purchasing wedding gifts? Is your presence at the destination wedding considered the gift, or is a gift expected and/or proper to be included?

Thanks :slight_smile:

For our wedding we have specifically told guests that gifts are unnecessary- we’d just like people to attend. I would think a gift is a nice jesture- but definitely not suggested as it woud a traditional wedding. In my opinion, you’re paying enough to come celebrate with us, a gift is not needed. HTH!

I agree with lmrash23! I would love to get a gift, no doubt ;-)…but I would actually rather not get any gifts from my guests that come to the island! It is enough, more than enough actually, that they are spending so much money AND time to come to our wedding. Definitely - no gift! :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies! I agree and just wanted to clarify :slight_smile:

I fully agree with lmrash23 and 20RN09, a guests presence is gift enough. They are making a special effort to take part in our day.

Destination weddings download more than enough cost onto the guests - were wedding gifts expected in addition, it would be just too presumptuous, IMHO.


Plus - if people gave them gifts, they would have to bring them back and, if their bags are overweight, they would end up paying a bundle for your “thoughtfulness”…


i have put on our invitations that their presence is their gift…i am not expecting any gifts at our destination wedding…

I found that for my destination wedding last year, some people who were coming down still gave us gifts, i think that was too much, and i really was not expecting it. I made sure to send them thank you cards right away.