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Wedding Planner For Grand Bahia in Punta Cana


Hi All,

I am getting married at the Grand Bahia in Punta Cana this spring and have lost the contact information for the wedding coordinator on site. If anyone is currently working with her and has her email- please pass along her contact info. Thanks!






That is the right address and her name is Marianna, well that is the person I delt with for my wedding in November


Thanks very much for the info!

Did you have a positive experience when working with Marianna? Any insight or suggestions regarding the best restaurants to book diner for our party the evening of our wedding? Were you pleased with photographer?

Any info you might be willing to share would be really helpful.



Just be patient because it usually takes 2-3 days for her to get back to you - but she does respond. Often her answers are very short…but I think it has more to do with her English.
No problems so far!


I had an amazing experience with Marianna!!! My wedding was perfect. We ate at the Italian restaurant on the terrace and had the spot to ourselves. There were 25 of us. The Garden Grill is also nice as that restaurant also has a terrace so your wedding would be somewhat private which is nice. We ate at both and both would be great suggestions. Do book your restaurant for your wedding early as those do book fast and depends on how many weddings are taking place that day.

If you want some spa appointments let Marianna know as well she will make those for you and if you have any room request email them to her as well. She will forward those off to the reservation department. That way reservation knows you are with a wedding.

When we arrived there was a nice fruit basket in the room with a welcoming letter. We did get a fruit basket ever day which was a nice touch. Also we got a free safe since we were the bride a groom, and our room also had slippers and bathrobes. We were in Golden Club so I believe the robes and slippers come in those rooms.

The photograher was good. Just let him know exactly what you want and he will do whatever.

We had such a great time and I’m sure you will. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Thanks All,

I emailed Marianna on Friday…no response yet but will give her a few days.

I also requested the Italian restaurant…due to the privacy of the terrace. If there are any electronic menues for the Garden Grill or Italian cuisine that were made available to you during your selection process…I would love to see them in advance and know what to expect for meal options. I am getting married on April 28th…and hoping that I am not behind the eight ball on getting diner reservations made for our party of 32!

Thanks again!


Hi Darcy,

I did have the menus, but I switched computers and this file was still in my email and the attachment did not merge for some reason. If you ask Marianna she will forward the menus to you and they might even have changed since I was married in November. I know for our menu we choose the Mix Apetizer plate which had Italian meats, melon etc, Tomato Cream soup, main course Shrimp in a Crescent Sauce and Tiramisu for dessert. All excellent. If some of your guest do not like the menu then once at the dinner they can pick off of the restaurant menu. Good luck.


I have them electronically…somewhere…I will try to find them and email them to you!


I have the menus as well - so, if Tonya can’t find them, let me know. I have to remember to send the guest list and my spa appointment reservations to Marianna soon.

Thanks for the reminder.



Hi there,

I just had the menus emailed to me last week. Let me know if you still need them.


Hi Elan,

If you wouldn’t mind sending me the most recent menus that would be perfect…another member of this site was kind enough to send me the menus that she had recieved when she made her selection…however I would like to take a look to see if the resort might have made any changes regarding food options. Thanks!


Hi there,

I sent you the menu’s thru PM. Let me know if you got them okay.

Hope it helps.


Got them Elan…Thanks~