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Wedding planners?


can any recommend a good wedding planner in the puerto plata or do they come with the hotel you stay at!!!we’re deciding out of two hotels maybe three but need to find a planner any help a big thank u kelly


the resort usually has a wedding coordinator. So, you shouldn’t have to worry bout that. Where are you planning on staying? (which two resorts)?


the two are club fun tropicale in playa dorada or lifestyle crown residence suites in puerto plata,do u no if these are nice hotels??


That, I don’t know. But, you should be able to email the resort and ask specifically about their wedding coordinators. I just know that when I was booking our resort, the resorts I was looking at had them. We are staying in punta cana as well.

When are you planning on getting married? I know you must check with the hotel since there is only 1 judge per area (1 for PC, 1 for POP) - so you need to make sure that they’re not already booked up. I booked mine back in March for this february - and I got what I wanted, but I know girls who weren’t able to do that.

Good luck,


We were lookin at getting married next march 1st week i think,was the weather nice when you got wed?
Thanks for all you help thou just looking at stuff i’m stressing as i don’t no where to start!!!got my dress thou!!!had that in november!!!important stuff first ha ha ha


Sorry, you wanted to get married this coming March? Or the next - because you will definitely want to decide on a resort so that they can check if the judge is available…he may already be booked solid (as like I said, I booked last march to get a date for this february?).

I actually am going this February, but I hear that the weather is great at this time of year, which is why it is “high season”.

I’d let you know how it goes, but if you’re getting married this march, I won’t get back in time probably.

Let me know.



its very unlikely that you will be able to get married this march if you haven’t booked a resort yet. the resorts only do a certain amount of weddings a day and there is only one judge who does the wedding in each area as Kilikina said. I booked my wedding last may for this April. I know people who got engaged this xmas and wanted to get married this march and checked all over the Carribean and now have stalled the wedding till next march because all over is booked already. this wasn’t just for the DR.



Sorry next march 08 are the hotels that offer the wedding packages any good?the lifestyle crown residence seems to offer a good package?


i personally don’t know what the lifestyle is like. go to dominican resort reveiws on debbies and they have a section on wedding reviews for individaul resorts. they also give good advise. try looking at those they may help



We booked the Melia in November. The first date then would have been end of May. It did not work for us. The kids had exams. We settled for mid-June.