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Wedding query - it's a long one!


Hi I’ve been to the Domincan twice now and absolutely love it, so much so that we are getting married there next October and this is where you guys come in. We’ve been to the IHD (lovely hotel, fantastic beach) down south and sunscape the beach (amazing hotel, nasty sea) in the east and whilst we had great holidays at each hotel we want to get married somewhere else. We have a few requirements, so see what you can make of them:

  1. 30 people - so we need space during the day families are great but a week in their pockets might cause a riot and plenty of bars and restaurants in the evening - we like our drink and our food!
    2)Kids - so sadly no adults only and a decent kids club
    3)short transfer time - after flight from UK (some people have never been so far before) it’s not fair to expect people to spend ages on a bus for a weeks holiday
  2. white sand and turquoise sea with no evil rocks to cut our poor little toesies - personally as long as the sun is shining I don’t care but Fiance is obsessed!

So what do you think can you help, please, we need to get it booked before one more person asks if we’ve booked it yet and I decide we aren’t taking any of them with us!

many thanks
becca ???


Hi Becca!

As I was reading your post, I was thinking “check, check, check”.

Casa del Mar in Bayahibe will meet all of your cited needs. My first visit there was for my friends’ wedding. We had 16 people, but I know they can accommodate your 30 just as easily. The kids’ club is excellent. It is a resort well used by travelers from the UK. If you can fly into the La Romana airport, you will have a speedy, picturesque transfer taking 20 minutes. Casa del Mar is all about white sand and turquoise sea and no evil rocks to cut toesies!! Everything else about the hotel is great too. The snorkeling is better than at IHD, there are lots of food options, activities all of everyday, calm water, perfect staff(!), close access to excursions (great when you have a large and diverse group), nice rooms, great views.

I can give you a lot more information and provide you with pictures and the basic process at Casa del Mar, if you’d like. Check out my pictures at the Webshots link below my post and e-mail me at kaki.ulan@sasktel.net if you’re interested in the extra info.

Congratulations on the announcement of your wedding!



Thanks Kaki
Your photos look fab!
We are considering CDM but not sure about transfer times because most UK operators don’t fly to La Romana anymore - boo! Also, the last time we flew to La Romana we sat on the tarmac in the Bahamas for 2 hours - very frustrating. Nonetheless I will certainly discuss it with my friendly travel agent and see what she can do - keep your fingers crossed for us!
Many thanks for your help


Kaki, your pictures are Beautiful! Thanks for letting me view :smiley:


What about the RIUs in Punta Cana??? You can stay at the RIU Palace (they do beautiful weddings there and their photographers is amazing!) and play at four other resorts. It is a great complex and meets all of your requirements :smiley:

Plus it is big enough for that alone time —hint hint lots of places and pools to hide at!!! ::slight_smile:


KenandPaul, Do you have any pictures of a wedding at the RIU in Punta Cana? I am a PICKY person when it comes to pictures and I want to try to find the best I can for my wedding!
Thanks Cin!