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Wedding Ring From DR


HI all, I am going to the DR to get Married in January, and I am thinking of getting my (man) Wedding Ring down there, Does anyone have a opinion on this?
will I have a hard time to find one?
are they any good?


Thanks for the response, are you saying that they sell Bad Gold in the DR


I cant comment on the quality of gold in the DR…as a tourist you may get taken for a ride. The chain Harrisons has some nice pieces…but I still think be cautious and remember “buyer beware”. Many sales people there can talk the talk but I would play it safe and make the purchase at home, a wedding band can always be sized.
Good luck!


I thought it would be nice to get married there and to be able to have my band/leash from there too, but I dont what to get there and then not get anything , that would be murder :frowning:


It depends upon where you are planning to be in the DR. For example, there is a very good and reputable jewelery store/pawn shop, owned by an American family, in Puerto Plata. Their per gram prices are posted - depending upon the karat weight of the gold. We have NEVER gone wrong purchasing items there.


as of right not we are not sure, what part we are going too


Dave MC
I have bought many pieces of jewelery form Harrisons and although there are many other places to buy from , many of which are cheaper, I trust them. They are a very high end, reputable company, and I’ve never heard of anyone being taken advantage of so far. Like I said, I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of pieces and so far so good. I allways had them appraised whenn I got home and they allways appraise for at least what I payed. They won’t have the same low prices like some caribean Islands offer, but it’s good value. I proposed to my first wife in the Dr, I did take the ring with me, hidden in my luggage, but the day before the big moment, she I bought a ring from Harrisons aand realized that the ring I had brought was going to way to big for her. I didn’t want her not to be able to wear it, so I had to sneak back to Harrisons that night and ask them to resize the ring. I was very nervous giving them this very expensive ring the day before I needed it. The sent it form Sosua to POP to get sized that night and I had it back by noon. Theu didn’t even charge me. Everything went perfect and I’ve trusted Harrisons ever since. (I did have the ring checked when I got home and it was the same stone) Harrisons have stores all over the DR. So if you want to have the ring from the DR for sentimental reasons, go for it, I think you’ll be fine, it won’t be cheaper, but a little bit special.


Thanks Greg
It looks like we are going to PC in january now, so I think I will look around online and see what I can find for that Area


There is a Harrisons in the Bavaro Plazza and they can get anything brought in from other branches. I’m not sure what else is in that area though for smaller independant jewlers.


Thanks Greg
I think I might just save the worrys and get it here in New Brunswick, then I know I will have one


I too like the idea of getting the leash in the Dominincan and can only echo what Greggy has said about Harrison–the quality and service are amazing!!! You would definately find a band with them —If you are worried about having one you could always email the resort you will be staying at and ask if there is a Harrison shop in their resort or close by. When we have stayed at the RIU Palace Macao they have both a small outlet in the lobby and then a larger shop on there Dominican street. With all that being said I would only buy it there for the sentimental reasons and not because I am looking for a good buy! :smiley: