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Wedding shoes?


Hi everyone! I have started looking for footwear, but I am truly having no luck. I know it is early in the season but I was wondering what you were all wearing? If you found anyting online? I did order one pair but they were too small. I think I want a flip flop type? My dress is above the ankle so you will see my feet. Just let me know your ideas please.


I found a PERFECT pair at Transit, a store in most malls in Ontario. They are white flip-flops with a bit of a raise in the heel, but no actual heel. They have delicate silver “jewels” along the top. I’m not sure if you have a “Transit” store in Halifax, but if you do, check it out! If you PM me your email, I can send you a picture.


Hey there, Do you have The Shoe Company near you? If so you should head there, they have a ton of bridal shoes, sandals. From casual to really dressy and they are about 39-99 bucks and nice. I also have a dress that will show my shoes and I got the most beautiful pair of sandals with a small heel and tiny criss cross straps they look beautiful and they come in white, silver, bronze, gold.


Wonderful-I had totally forgot about the Shoe Company! Thanks a bunch


i found 2 pairs - one from Aldo back in the summer and the other from Le Chateau. They are both white, the one from aldo has the seashell on the top, and the one from le chateau has cork bottoms…really cute (and those ones are only 1 inch high).

Perfect - and a great excuse to buy two pairs!


I was going to go barefoot for the wedding and get a pair of ballet flats or cute sandals for the reception. Now I’m not sure that I want to go barefoot… I saw some really nice shoes in a wedding mag. but now don’t remember which one it was…
My FH is not that much taller than me so I didn’t want super high heels (also wanted to be somewhat comfortable)
I’m going to start looking around at the malls and bridal shops to see what’s out there.
I love the shoes at Le Chateau!