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Wedding updo's


Has anyone found a good web site that offers a lot of updo hairstyles to choose from. I would like to find a picture to bring along with me.


I wish I could help but I was going through the same thing…I ended up leaving it till I got to the hairdresser at the Melia and She had a book of hairstyles…They do weddings all the time so they have different hairstyles that they do for weddings. They were great, I was worried when she handed me the book because my hair is only shoulder length and I wasn’t sure if they could put it up. She could, I was really happy with it.



I will defintley be doing a hair trial at home with lots of pics to bring to the resort. Check this girl out…Crazy :o


That’s what i’m doing tomorrow!! My hair trial is tomorrow and i’m just taking tonnes of pictures to bring down.


OMG I just checked out the link you posted from youtube! That is totally crazy! It’s going to geive me wedding hair nightmares!!! lol
I think I’m going to have a hair trial here too before we go and bring the pics. I’ve been looking on line and in tons of magazines but just can’t seem to find exactly what I want.


Well, I had hair trials before I went as my hair is so unmanageable, it is so thick I was really worried about how on earth it would look nice on the day. Anyway had a couple of trials but when I got there the salon had so many magazines for me to look through and I chose something completely different and it was amazing, I loved it and never in a million years did I ever think my hair could look the way it did. The hairdressers were fab and from what I have read on different sites the hairdressers in all resots are AMAZING, so don’t worry your hair will be great!!!

Here are my pictures where you can see my hair, you may have seen them already as I have posted them on here before



sandranf** what a crazy video. Thanks for sharing. I saved it in my favorites to show my FH. I can be upset but not enough to cut it off!! Nothing a shower can’t fix and so you do it same way you do it everyday.


I was thinking the same thing. I mean come on…cutting your hair what is that accomplishing ::slight_smile: I was laughing hesterically at this video and my fh sat there with his mouth hanging open. He made me promise not to freak out if my hair didn’t come out the way I wanted :slight_smile:


oh gosh, do you say Nut case!! i have gotten mad enough to through brushes and through a tempertantruim, but that was when i was a college partier. lol. now that iam 31, old age has calmed me. the thing i don’t understand is if i didn’t like it i would get the hairdresser to fix it.
I think her friends were in such shock that they were laughing i don’t think her friends were laughing to be mean



that video is crazy!! I am a little worried too, as I have naturally curly hair-which usually doesn’t cooperate when I go down south. I might do a trial but I really don’t know what to do. Do you think that if I wanted to add a tropical flower they would get one for me?


You have nothing to worry about. I have a TON of long naturally curly hair. I had her blow dry my hair straight, then she made big soft curls with a curling iron. Here’s the thing. The majority of Dominican women do not have straight hair, yet they almost all wear their hair blown out straight. Some have chemically straightened hair, but for the most part they just have naturally curly hair that they blow out. In weather like that, to keep naturally curly hair that has been blown out straight, from getting “poufy” and frizzy from the humidity, takes skill. I’m telling you hairdressers in the DR have this skill. As for you ladies that have straight hair. It’s even easier for them to do your hair. Trust me on this. And the ones that work at resorts deal with mostly Caucasian clients so they have a lot of experience with straight hair as well. They know how to deal with different types of hair, and they know how to adapt the hairstyle to tropical weather.



congradulations on your pregnancy!!


thanks ! :slight_smile:


Just so you gals know, that video is staged. She’s a student at Ryerson.