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Weddinig Reception



I was reading a new listing on the bahia brides’ website - and a review that was on there said that when she met with Marianna at Bahia Principe PC - she had to tell her exactly which items the guests wanted for dinner…they didn’t just get to choose at the table…can someone varify this.

Just that some of our guests are coming from TO and we’re from AB, Canada, and somoe from Seattle, etc…how would I get them to decide what they want for dinner before we get there…



Hi Kilikina,

When I met with Marianna a couple of days before my wedding she had a set menu with choice for app’s/dinner and dessert. I choose one dish for each course and I just let my guest know that if they had any dietary restrictions they could ask to pick off the menu. That did not seem to be a prolbem. I think you are having dinner at the steakhouse, if I remember from other posts, and their menu is good and you should not have any problems.

If you have any other questions let me know.


Perfect, thank you!


Just got back this morning and we had out reception dinner at the Garden Grill - on the terrace. I can’t believe it’s over!!!

Dinner was fabulous - we picked Chicken Caesar/Louisana Corn Chowder/Beef Tenderloin/Cheescake for our dinner. We had one vegetarian and they were permitted to order off the menu. The tenderloin came with gravy and mashed potatoes and fried onions that were to die for! Not many liked the cheescake as it is a german style - not very sweet. We had our own servers assigned to us for the evening. The dinner is held on one part of the terrace with the dancing reserved for another connecting part - both sections are like huts, quite large and have grass roofs. It was fantastic! My only reqret is not renting DJ/speakers as my ipod and speakers were not loud enough. I will post a review in more detail later…working on 3 hours sleep right now!!! :o