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Weekend in Mexico?


Has anyone ever done a 3-4 day trip down to Cancun or Playa? I’ve always thought that would be so cool, slightly more affordable, and best of all, still long enough to make the liquor allowance!


our first trip to Mexico was a 3 night 4 day trip. We stayed near Playa…we got a really good deal with Air Canada Vacations and it was a good way to try something new For me, any time you can take a vacation…a mini one or an extended it’s a good thing.


Travel partner and I were talking about this, but we are most likely going to Las Vegas. However, if I ever have a spare thousand dollars (not likely, but I’m dreaming out loud…), I would love to try a last minute 3-4 day jaunt.


Hi eloisegirl. We have no desire to even do a 5-day trip! It just seems that it would take much of the first and last days just to travel. Then what’s left to enjoy at the resort? Not a lot of time. So, we can’t even imagine a 3 or 4 day vacation down south! :wink: To each his/her own though. ;D


sometimes you have to take what you can get


I have Mexico cravings so strong sometimes that I’d take anything! Just love it there. Have not been shot even once! :wink:


My first trip outside Canada/US was a 3 night 4 day trip to Nassau in August a few yrs ago, sure beat staying home.