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Weigh Scales In POP Airport

A couple of questions?
Are there still any/many issues with luggage being weighed at the airport in POP, when leaving?
The last time we went; there was quite the discussion here on the board, about the check in personnel possibly scamming you at the weigh scales. Resting their foot on the edge of scale; tampering with the scales accuracy; things like that were all spoken of?
Along with cash only for payment of any found overweight luggage; to be paid directly too the person that weighed it?
I still have my digital fishing scale that we took the last time and I know it’s fairly accurate; with-in a pound or two anyway.
Also, if I do find that I’m being scammed; what’s the best way of handling it? There didn’t seem to be very many “supervisors” around or they didn’t make themselves readily available to mediate; if there were an issue.


When we got “dinged” a supervisor was called to write the receipt for our payment. This trip we also have a digital scale that we are bringing, and intend to fight for our rights if the two scales do not match. Hopefully that won’t be an issue this time, as we are going club class both ways. But if anyone in line needs to use it, they will be welcome ;D

We just flew out of there yesterday, there were 4 of us with 4 pieces of luggage and not one of them were weighed!