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Weight loss or maintaining weight

Has anyone ever tried to watch what they eat while staying at an all inclusive. I would like some suggestions on how to keep my weight down while I am on vacation. I usually come home with a 6- 8 pound gain. I would like to keep this number very low. Information on low calorie drinks, low calorie foods, etc. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

The year we stayed at the RIU Bambu (1wk), I discovered that I’d put on 10lbs while we were there! Naturally I freaked, because I’d just spent the past 5mos losing 40lbs, lol…about 5lbs came off the first week we were home so it must have just been water weight but the whole experience has made me a lot more cautious!

Here’s what I do…

I love breakfast and figure I have the whole day to work it off so I pretty much eat whatever and however much I want!

I love my fruity bar drinks but for every 1 I have I have 1 glass of water!

My dh always brings his laptop with him so I have my exercise video copied on it and I pack my resistance bands and I do my workout everyday. It’s only 45mins out of my day and even though I hate it, lol…it’s worth it in the end!

Lunch and dinner I always start with a large plate of various salads and veggies. I try to add some beans and stuff to my salad as well for protein. 2nd plate is smaller and contains some meat/protein and more veggies. I don’t really care for the desserts down south, I don’t know why…I love them at home, lol :wink: I’ll usually finish off with some fruit.

Again all throughout the day I’m paying attention to my water intake…

I have successfully done this for many trips, maintained my weight without too much effort or feeling deprived and that way I’m not spending weeks back at home trying to “get back on the wagon”

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

First things first. You are on holidays, you are allowed to put on some weight. What is a holiday if you are worried about a few extra pounds. Sounds like a way of spoiling your time there is your weight is going to be on you mind the whole time there.
The best thing is to drink lots of water to fill you up. But don’t you go to an all inclusive resort to eat? I do. But my tip to to you is to do lots of walking. My husband and I always walk after meals. We usually go for a stroll down the beach after breakfast and lunch. It’s an easy way to burn calories and work on your tan as well.

I agree with a lot of what has been said - I like to walk while on vacation, I try to keep my alcohol intake reasonable - who drinks 10 drinks a day when at home? You can also join in some of the exercise activities or use the gym at the resort as well - sometimes I like to do that at around 4:30 - 5:00, before getting ready for dinner.

In line with what Kelly mentioned, as you will likely gain some weight, don’t let the eating habits continue when you get home. If you return to a healthy eating strategy when you get home the extra pounds will come off fairly quickly. You’d have to eat an awful lot in one week to put on some serious weight.

Most of all have fun, you’re on vacation!

Thank you! Kelly B, I too have struggled with my weight and so far 50 lb loss over the last 4 years; struggle of course with 10lbs up and back down. I will take this info with me for inspiration to keep up my exercise and water.

I always cave in for the high fat stuff. It does’nt take much when on maintenance to gain weight, especially as soon as I allow myself to have higher sugar or fat foods (that I love).

I am still trying to get to my goal weight before I leave next Wednesday, which is another 6 lbs (which krept up on me in the last 2 months) I probably will not make this goal this is why I am worried to keep my weight gain low.

Same here. We do alot of walking and yes, may eat a little bit more but we have also made changes in our eating/exercise habit in the past years so we don’t go over board.
Over indulgence may also bring on some unwanted visits to the bathroom (if you know what I mean!)… :o
I really like your tips KellyB so we’ll incorporate that into our vacation.

I really find that it is easy with all the salads & fresh fruit, not to mention the wonderful long walks on the beach everyday.

If the resort has a gym why not do 30 minutes of exercise a day. That’s what I plan on doing this time cause i’m having the hardest time to bring down my weight before I go. I still have some time before I leave to lose 5lbs. Then I don’t have to worry about putting on 5lbs when i’m on vacation.

I’ve never been to this forum, lol…who knew? :stuck_out_tongue: A whole bunch of new threads to read, lol!

Good for you on your weight loss kandar! It’s a tough road that I have been on too many times!

In all honesty I don’t go to an all inclusive to “eat”, I go for the sun and the relaxation and the fact that there is no cooking and cleaning involved, lol!

For me personally, it’s too easy to get off track and being conscious of what I put in my mouth and taking the time to exercise are part of taking care of myself and making “me” a priority. I don’t think you need to obsess about it, just make the best choices you can! It doesn’t spoil my vacation at all and I’m sure it won’t spoil yours!

Have a great time! :slight_smile:

Everything in moderation!?!

Spend a few hours in the ocean with a tube everyday. I did this- ate whatever I wanted, only drank water and lost 2 lbs on my 2 wk vacation!

Portion control… and always leave the table hungry :’(

If you drink lots of water -8 glasses a day-and walk or swim for exercise -you can pretty much have whatever you like in moderation. I follow this “recipe” and have managed to keep my weight off for the past 2 years while on vacation. Even if you do put on a few pounds no big deal cause once you’re home and following your normal routine -it comes right off. Besides you want to enjoy yourself not worry about your weight the whole time your on vacation. Relax & Enjoy :wink:

Thanks again to all who have replied, 3 more days to go!! I would like to know of some books or magazines that I can read to keep me focused to eat healthy and motivated.

I will try and remember my water, only thing is running to bathroom constantly. If I have reading material it probably will help me to make wiser decisions.

My husband lost 12 pounds on elliptical in the last week and cutting a couple of things out. I on the other hand have simply maintained with 30 minutes a day and on 1200 calorie healthy eating (not diet).


Anyways I will go with an attitude of making healthy choices, drink lots of water, and exercise 30 minutes on the treadmill, and maybe just have a small taste of the other stuff.

I will try and remeber to post the outcome!!

They’ve done studies, men will always loose weight faster than women, it just not fair, but then life is not fair.

I lost 50 pounds over five years ago (actually it is not lost, I know exactly where it went). The last thing I want to do when I go on vacation is put even 10 pounds back on. I usually eat a good healthy breakfast. I will normally have yogurt (if they have it) with some granola in it. I may have a boiled egg if available. If they don’t have eggs, I try to find some other protein. I always have fruit with breakfast. I’m not much of a bread eater so I don’t bother with toast.

I am not much of a drinker (bar drinks) I may only have two some days and other days none at all. I’m just as happy to drink ice water or the occasional soda. I do like herbal tea in the afternoon.

Lunch, lots of fresh veggies, I don’t usually bother with salad dressing, I like the taste of all the different things without the tang. After the salad I will have some meat and maybe rice (but they are not large portions). If I want dessert I will usually just take a small piece of something (two to four bite size portion). I also like fruit.

Supper is pretty well the same as lunch. If the buffet has fish on the menu I will usually try that as long as it is not floating in some kind of grease. I don’t usually eat French fries or deep fried foods (not at home either).

I like walking on the beach and snorkeling. I also like to lie under a palm tree and have an afternoon nap. I find if I keep myself busy then I don’t gain weight, if I just laze around and eat everything in sight, well, that is a different story.

When I do choose my food I try to pick items that are grilled or baked, I don’t like greasy food.

I have peeked into the gyms at some of the resorts I have been to, I would rather walk the beach. If the resort is large enough, go for a nice long morning walk. If the watersports hut has pool noodles, grab one and spend about an hour playing around with it. It is like water aerobics. Some of the resorts have morning stretching classes and most of them have some kind of aerobics in the afternoon. They also have dance classes (if you don’t have two left feet) I was never very good with those line dance type dances. lol

You can still enjoy your vacation and be conscious about what you eat. Like someone else said, everything in moderation.

Have a great vacation.

I can give you some advice, we are retired competitors in fitness and bodybuilding, and I’m a personal trainer(part-time right now)
, so when it comes to diet and exercise I have a little knowledge and experience :wink:
Sodium + heat and humidity = puffy
Alot of weight gain to heat and humidity are from water gain more so than fat. The food at the resorts is loaded with sodium, especially the fish dishes including the delicious paella, sorry but its true. Stay away from the salt. Stick to the bbq chicken and grilled meats and stay away from the heavy sauces, they are loaded with sodium and oil.Moderation of course.
Also, alcahol is to blame too, and we all indulge on vacation ::slight_smile:
We drink water until late afternoon, then have a cervasa or coctail towards the evening. Drinking all day is not good for weight gain or the digestive system in the heat.
And… WATER WATER WATER, love it drink lots.
Don’t make your vacation a chore to stay at your normal weight, just take it easy, and have fun :smiley:

Never2hot, do you think the baked fish contains a lot of sodium also? I love the fish, I hate grease! You know, I just love BBQ chicken. lol

You can’t be perfect, but, baked is a better choice. I’m sure they
put oil and salt on the skin, so you have a better choice since you don’t eat the skin.
We love fish and I love paella, but after a few days my rings got tight and my shoes got tight, sodium is the culprit, as is the oils.
The fish (cut into filets or steaks) that are at the buffet, sitting in a sauce are the ones to stay away from, tasty sure, but not the best choice for weight and health concerns.