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Weight on luggage in panama


Exactly what do you mean by that? That your luggage will be heavier? ???


If you go over your weight allotment they will charge you for it. Saw it happen to the couple in front of us last year. Where they upset !!!


A friend of ours just came back and erom panama was under weight here did not buy anything there and was over weight there so the scales in panama weigh different so im told


I would venture to guess that your friend was not as diligent in the packing for coming home as they were going out.


ok thx for that


Keep that in mind TC when packing to go home. Don’t think - I will pack all our dirty stuff in this suitcase. Be as mindful packing to go home as you did before leaving to go away. Try to spread everything out equally.

If you are over, hopefully you will have a kind agent at the Panama airport that will give you an opportunity to shift stuff around. I saw it happen with my own eyes. Others will just grumble and pay for the extra weight.


ok I just talked to another person thatsjust returned from Panama
and her total weight was only 14 kilos on the way and she spent 200 American and her weight on the way home was 30 kilos so doesnt make sence that the little that she bought was 16 kilos. all she bought was for her 2 kids and it was just little things anyway if it happens that means i had a hell of a good time lol not long now :slight_smile: