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Welcome Back, Bebbie


Welcome back Bebbie- hope you had a great trip. Can’t wait to hear all your feedback.
What did you thing of the growth at the resort? How busy was it?
Also the restaurant that had the lobster (I think refcheif- said it was the catch of the day), where was it located? I did not see it and was wondering if they added it or changed one of the other ones to it.
How was the weather?
I will be anticipating your post- They will get me even more excited about my upcoming trip.




Unreal how much that resort has expanded. I was totally taken aback. Apparently it was full. Good thing there are several pools and more shelters at the beach. We always hang out at the NegaNega pool and it was always busy. With the resort being so huge now, I think they should consider adding more washrooms at the pool areas.

The ‘Catch of the Day’ restaurant is located behind the Villas’ Private Golf Club restaurant which is located at the bottom of the hill of where the ‘adult only’ pool is. You can access it during the day from the beach. At night the gate is open to the private club area, so you can walk through that property to get to it.

The weather was perfect. Sunny and hot. Reason why we go.


Hi Bebbie,

Yes, welcome back!! Glad to hear that your holiday was great.

Hmmmm, Decameron is even larger than a few years ago?! :o :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we won’t be visiting it again since we much prefer a smaller resort. Too bad!

Northgal :sunglasses:


Did you have any problems getting chair by the pool or beach?


We had no problem getting chairs.


good for that huh! i hate the chair saving bit.
Hugs that your back safe and sound.



Don’t get me wrong, if you have a particular area you would like to sit at, you have to get it early. We are early risers, so we would get our chairs, sit and read for a bit, grab breakfast and return to them.

I actually witnessed security going around putting stickers on poles with a time written on the stickers. Saw this in the early morning around seven and mid afternoon, so don’t think they are out there only at certain times. Some people say you have an hour until they will remove your items, but the guy in guest relations said it is ninety minutes. We never left ours for more than half an hour and that was to grab lunch.



thanks Bebbie, there are 6 of us going, 2 are extremely early risers, and with 6 we can do shifts in eating if need be. I just hate when one sees towels there for most of the day and no one returns. Actually, I got my eyes opened last year in mexico. We were main floor, so quite easy to grab where we liked. one day while sitting there, another family was beside us. the parent started to complain too hot on our side, so she got up and I watched her move over to the other side of the pool - directly across and good chairs - and sat down. So I started to pay a bit more attention, and witnessed her move back and forth between the 4 sets of chairs on each side, that they had “marked” as theirs! (so 8 chairs in total) I honestly could not believe it And no i did not confront but really opened my eyes!