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Welcome Fall Contest at Debbie's Forum


Hola dear members of Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forum.
Lets celebrate beautiful fall colors and do some forum postings!!
So we are having Welcome Fall Contest here at Debbie’s Forum!!!

Who will make/start a NEW thread that has the biggest number of replies!

Contest Rules:

  • Thread has to be NEW started between October 23rd to 31th 2014
  • Thread that receives the most number of replies between October 23rd to 31th 2014 is the winner
  • You can participate in your own thread but not only for a purpose to inflate number of replies
  • Doesn’t matter how many different posters/members will reply to your NEW thread
  • You can start as many new threads as you wish as long as you follow forum rules
  • Thread can be anywhere on the Debbie’s forum

Who can play:

  • All members of Debbie’s forum and all moderators can play except Admin of the forum!
  • New members are allowed and encouraged to join forum and participate in the contest!

-Stylish Multi Adapter
Also has a USB power port that is compatible with both 110-125 and 220-250 volt standards
There are AC power and USB power status indicator lights on the adapter
Plug in to electrical outlets in the United Kingdom and Europe, USA and Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Pacific

[img alt=“Stylish Multi Adapter” src=“http://forumcuba.com/debbies/Stylish-Multi-%20Adapter.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;”]

Contest will be closed on October 31st 2014 at 11:59 pm.
Winner will be announced on the November 1st 2014!
Prize will be sent by Canada Post mail as soon as address of the winner is received!

Good luck making NEW interesting threads on the forum!

Sponsored by Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forum


Thanks for this chance to win one of these!! I am loving this forum more and more every day!!


why is this contest under the Cuba forum? I was looking on the website first to find it, and wasn’t able to. I then opened the link in the email I received and noticed it was under Cuba (where I usually don’t write). Can it be moved to the general section?!


Because that is where the largest number of people will see it.


@traveljunky yes you are right it should be in general section. We have most number of members who come to Cuba forum so I posted there but that doesn’t mean that others can’t participate! You can make post anywhere on the forum not only in Cuba forum … any part of the forum is good for this contest just for your info but you are right as other members might miss it so from now on it will be here in General Section. Thanks!


thank you!


The winner of “Welcome Fall Contest at Debbie’s Forum” is @sund0g with thread “Can you beat this deal” www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/forum/thread/21541/beat-deal

Congratulations @sund0g and please check out your PM so that you can receive your prize!

Thanks all for participation !!


Thank you for the adapter set. It will definitely come into heavy usage. All because I posted about saving money! Now, it’s like I’m making money!!! Sincere thanks.


Congrats Sundog, great thread. :slight_smile:


Want to thank everyone for the good wishes. Zee: the adaptor came on Wed. Nov 5 (with another gift that will be worn daily in Cuba - so I will be easy to identify - look for a Debbie’s T-shirt worn by a small woman and say hola). Wanted to post this earlier, but my computer suffered a deadly virus and just got it back yesterday. But I did so want to thank everyone for posting on my thread.


Excellent! Thanks for playing @sund0g and congratulations one more time!