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West Jet meals?

Does West Jet offer any type of meal on their flights to the DR? I can’t find any info on my confirmation or website.

Try our search function for the words ‘west’ ‘jet’ and ‘meals’ and set the time from the default 7 days to something longer, like 367 days or … For example, you should get references to threads like this one http://debsdrtravels.proboards47.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=8200&page=1

Seekingthewarmth, go into the westjet site and look under “The Experience” and then click on “Buy on Board”. There is a list of what is complementary and what you can buy during the trip. Non-alcoholic drinks are free. You can buy a sandwich for $6. Snacks range from $2 to $6. Alcoholic beverages cost $6.

AFAIK, their web site only covers their commercial flights and not what you get when you’re on one of their planes chartered to one of the tour companies. I could be mistaken, but that’s what I hear.

Thanks for your help. I got it now. Didn’t know whether their sun destination meals were different from the normal flights.

What I was able to find is that if your tour company, (Air Transat for example) is using Westjet as a carrier then it is Air Transat that provides the in-flight meal.

so we are flying Westjet for Nolitours…how can I find out what food is served or if we have to buy? Also, is it American or Canadian dollars…also, what about the tv rental? I guess my question is, what currency should we bring from Canada going to PC?

While flying to PC and returning to Canada … use Canadian currency.

Save the US dollars for when you are in the Dominican.

Cathy. You should get some kind of food served on the flight as part of your charter. Ditto coffee, tea, water, juice and soft drinks. Expect to pay $6 for beer, liquor or wine. No rental for TV, but if you don’t have headphones, they’ll charge you about $5. Heck, you must have a friend with airline headphones stuffed in a drawer someplace. Borrow a few pairs.
As the previous poster said, use $CDN on the plane and $US in the DR. Take lots of small bills. There’s no need to convert to pesos unless you are venturing outside tourist areas. If you do convert, only change what you need as its difficult or impossible to change it back to $US.

Westjet serves a free boxed lunch on its charter flights and fee snacks…