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Westjet Baggage Weight

We are headed back to the Jibacoa area! :smiley: We stayed at Breezes last year but are going to be staying at the Cameleon Resort this coming winter. We booked through Transat Holidays but our charter is Westjet. As far as baggage is concerned this is what Westjet’s website states and I also talked with someone at Westjet to confirm.

  1. Chartered Flights What’s this?

WestJet operates flights to certain cities under a charter contract. These seats are sold through Travel Agents for a variety of tour operators. If you have general inquiries about destinations and prices please contact your Travel Agent.
TWO items of carry-on baggage are permitted per fare-paying guest.

Maximum Weight

Maximum Size
Item 1* 10 kgs
(22lbs) 55 cm x 23 cm x 40 cm
(21.5 in x 9 in x 15.5 in)

Item 2*
10 kgs
(22 lbs) 43 cm x 16 cm x 33 cm
(16.5 in x 6 in x 13 in)

All carry-on baggage must fit in the sizing device at check-in, and be stored under the seat or in the overhead compartment onboard the aircraft.

TWO items of checked baggage are permitted per fare-paying guest

Maximum weight

Maximum dimensions
(length + width + height)
Item 1*

23 kgs
(50 lbs)

157 cm
(62 in)
Item 2*

23 kgs
(50 lbs)

157 cm
(62 in)

I was so excited about these weight allowances but at the same time I wanted to double check with our travel agent, because this seemed to good to be true! She contacted Transat Holidays and they said that the weight allowances are the same to fly to Cuba as any other Charter flight which is 20kg per person for checked bags and 5kg for carry-on.

Which is true!!! ???

My travel agent told me it was the 2 carry ons and 2 checked plus a humanitarian bag. I looked on the website to confirm. She was sure of this tho she wasn’t sure how long they would allow the humanitarian aid bag. I would call westjet yourself. Also the agent said the her boss had taken 2 bags, one filled with goodies, and she also said that one of the carryons would include your purse.

ooops, Sorry I see now that you did call Westjet. I looked for a phone number on their website to talk to a real person but could not find one. We booked with Sunquest thru a travel agent.
I hope you like the Cameleon, we loved it there.

I had the same question for my trip to Cuba last April. My TA said because we booked with Transat Holidays we had to follow their weight allowances…I phoned West Jet and was told it is a chater flight and we follow the West Jet baggage allowance.
When we got our tickets it had West Jets allowances on it…the TA was wrong but argued with me until she saw it on the tickets. West Jet has great baggage allowance and we are flying with them again for our trip to Cuba in April.

Thank you dargamel and magncasey for your replies :). Magncasey you sound like you were having the same conversations with your TA as we were today. We booked this trip a month ago, but I was inquiring about the carry on baggage with Transat Holidays when they told me I would have to phone Westjet since they were the charter. This is how this all started.

With numerous calls to both Transat Holidays and Westjet and our TA we have now have a definite answer. We can follow Westjet’s charter policy with baggage!!! ;D ;D ;D

This is apparently the first time Westjet if flying out of Winnipeg as a charter with Transat Holidays. She was being told the wrong weight for the baggage too. Which was also on our itinerary as a 20kg limit. She got to the bottom of it after we called the second time and told her what we were being told on the phone from both Westjet and Transat. I’m so happy that I started looking into it this morning. No weighing and reweighing our luggage a 100 times this year to make sure we don’t go over!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is great. I don’t think Westjet flies to Cuba out of Toronto though.

Just a thought, we (I) had a hard time stuffing 10kg into a carryon the last time we flew with Transat.

But it was fun trying ;D and eventually did get up to 10kg.

flew westjet last year (Air Transat was the tour operator)…we were allowed the west jet allowances, it was fantastic…we brought so much stuff to give away it was obscene…lots and lots of children/adult clothes…this year we booked Club Transat to get a little extra baggage…no way we could do it with only 20KG each…

I am having this same issue with Transat Holidays. I received my e-ticket today and it states 20 kg for baggage so I questioned my TA and she says I have to follow what’s on the ticket. So, I call WestJet and was assured that I am able to check 2 bags at 23 kg each as per Westjet rules. To be safe, I took the WestJet person’s name and ID # and I’m bringing a printout of the WestJet baggage info from their website in case there is an issue at the airport. Supposedly my TA has been in the business for a long time and I find it very frustrating that she is giving out wrong information. I am travelling to CUBA for a wedding with a party of about 27 people and the bride and groom are depending on the extra baggage allowance to bring wedding stuff with them. This wrong info could have caused lots of needless problems for people who just go by what the TA tells them.