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Just wondering why it seems that Westjet doesn’t allow for a deposit option for bookings? We have always booked with other companies with a $500 deposit & the remainder due about 60 days prior to departure but it seems like Westjet wants the full amount now. ???

Ever since Westjet started their Westjet Vacations, they have always wanted total payment, I have used them many times and never had a problem with paying all in advance, I also have trip cancellation insurance should I need to cancel.

One of the many reasons I DON’T book with westjet.

NO deposit program.
Low “tax”, but higher base cost so no savings.
Higher single supplement than most providers.
Told me I didn’t need to pay for advance seat selection, but of course once I got to the airport(and no I was not late or the last person in line) I was not able to sit next to my travel partner.

So for all of those reasons, I do not even look at their offers. People use to RAVE about how much better Westjet was. I have flown with them once for domestic travel and once for a vacation and was disappointed both times.

But yes, having to pay 100% of your money to them in August to fly in April of the next year is absurd. You are basically giving them a loan on your credit card… ::slight_smile: