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We've finally decided!


After alot of research & careful deliberation, we have decided on where we are going to get married…Cuba!!!

We have decided to go back to the Playa Pesquero for our 3rd time and will get married there.

We have decided to book our wedding directly with the hotel opposed to via a tour operator.

Has anyone else done this?

We got details of the Playa Pesquero’s wedding package whilst we were there and what is required, it said that we just need a valid passport as we have never been married before.

Can anyone confirm this or provide us with more information as to what documents we will need.
We are from the UK and both never been married.

Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated



Hi hsumner!!! Congratulations!!! ;D

Excellent choice!!! We too were married at PP last October!! We had visited the previous year and pretty much decided while we were there, if we were to ever get married, that would be the place!!!

Our wedding was excellent from start to finish!! You are best to deal directly with PP regarding all your details, and be sure to contact them as soon as you know when you are traveling, when you would like to get married (they will tell you if the notary is available or not).

We are from Canada, and neither of us had been married before so all we required were valid passports, as for being from the UK - not sure, but there are many forum members who have been married at PP that might be able to advise you differently if need be.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask!!

Happy Planning :smiley:


Hi Hayley,

Congratulations on your decision! When we were married there, all they asked for was our Canadian passport. Yaly will give you a form to fill out while you’re there. They will need yours and both of your parents’ full name, birth date, occupation, country of birth, etc. Very simple.

As you have been there before, you should be able to decide which restaurant you would like to have your wedding dinner at. Just make sure you let Yaly know before you arrive. I would suggest you have a list of things you would like to have on your wedding day, and send it to Yaly. And then when you get there, go through it with her again. Keep in touch with her so she knows exactly what you want.

Again, congratulations!


Congrats, its always a relief when you have that settled, now on to the fun part!! Planning the wedding, even though there is not much to do, lol.


I found this to be the hardest decison to make, which resort to have our wedding at. It’s a great relief to have this decison made, congrats. The resort has gotten some great reviews. Good luck with you planning.


Thanks guys for your replies, we loved the resort last year thats why we returned again this year. I think we’re attached to a bungee rope (yes a very very very long one) as we get pulled back there and now again but for our wedding! We saw 2 weddings in the 2 weeks we were there this year and upon returning home going through the brochures for the millionth time we decided to back to the place we know and love for our special day and also see our friends again. Now to start thinking about the dress & telling parents …oh yeah and booking the holiday for us to get married!!! Cant wait its all exciting stuff!!!


Yeahhh!! Good for you ! Great chioce, I will be married there May 2007 - Whats your Date?


That’s what helped us with our decision, we had been to our resort 2 yrs prior and really enjoyed ourselves so it was almost a no brainer to pick it for our wedding.


We are planning to do it in Sept or Oct next year, depends on when in Sept we go. Should be booking the holiday in next couple weeks and after that I’ll be e-mailing Yaly to start the arrangements


Congrats hsummer ;D ;D

I was also married at PP in Dec 2005 and live in the UK. If you have never been married before all you will need is a passport that is valid throughout your stay in Cuba and also a tourist card. You usually get the card from your travel agent.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

You will have an amazing time, happy planning :wink:



oh just one more thing I think you need a copy of your birth certificate