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We've set our date!


Hi all, (especially Tigs & melmelfish!)

Got an email today from Yaly at PP.
We have set the date for 17th Sept at 16:00hrs! This means I will be a MRS 5 days after getting there!!!

It’s even more exciting now that we’ve been given a date opposed to knowing it will be sometime mid september!!

Think i’ve also found the dress I want as well…but going to have look at other dresses and also another look at the dress (I say look what I mean is try on!).

Will have to do a ticker countdown thingie at some point!


Hi Hayley!!!

Awesome - congratulations on getting your date set…makes if feel just that more real doesn’t it!!! Fabulous news!!! ;D

Tip for your dress, go light-weight if you can. That time of year is HOT, HOT, HOT !!! Even in the evening!! I got a very light-weight, full length gown, but it had very little crinoline, just about 12-15" from floor, just en ought to give the dress some shape, and spaghetti straps - no sleeves!!!

Good luck with the dress hunt , let us know how you make out ;D



hey Hayley, congrats on the date & time !
I emailed our Hotel on Tues ( Melia cayo Coco) not heard back yet!
bet it made u dead giddy getting your date & time…
Oh my, i’ve just printed off the vows ( if I can call them that !) how serious are they ??

and yes, I will persist in getting married to Andy :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! It makes it seem more real when you have an actual date, doesn’t it?!

Good luck with the dress hunting - let us know how you get on!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the well wishes.
Its definately more real now that we’ve got our date. I’m so excited now!!! Now I can get on with organising of everything!
Going to look at some more dresses & also taking my sil2b with me to look for her bridesmaid dress.
I’m walking round like a mad woman with a huge grin on my face which I can’t seem to stop!


Not been on the forum for a while,

congrats on your dates, I think you have picked the perfect time of day, I was also married at this time. I totally agree with Tigs something light.

September will come sooner than you know, happy dress hunting

Anths :slight_smile: