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Whale watching excursion in late January

I’ll be at Dreams La Romana from 14th to 28th January, which I understand is right at the beginning of the whale watching season - but is it too far to go from the La Romana area to see the whales (off the Samana coast, I think)?

Can someone recommend a company to book through?

Thanks a lot.


This is yet another option that has been offered by Seavis Bayahibe in the past. Did I give you their address? The new owner may not have looked ahead to that season yet, but it may prod them to think about it.

It’s a few hours drive, but it is possible–apparently!


Seavis has new owners?

Does! Des from the UK.


Are Martina and Warner still in the area? Just running the hotel now?

[quote=@janetlg] but is it too far to go from the La Romana area to see the whales (off the Samana coast, I think)?

IMHO it is really too too far away.

They make it a day similar in length to a trip to Saona from Punta Cana or a day trip from Bayahibe to Santo Domingo. It’s about 1.5 hours driving on either side of the day. Once I get on a boat, for me the thrust of the day is then starting so when that happens at the 2 hour point, you have a day of hopeful excitement. I think it would be great to see a different area and to know that you might get lucky and actually have a whale sighting would be fun too. I was going to drive up that way with a friend in July just because it’s so different and relatively close for that opportunity. Didn’t happen so it’s still on my list of things to do…

Take a look and see if it looks worth taking the chance: http://www.seavisbayahibe.com/humpback%20whales.htm

I have a number of pictures of the bay taken from the plane. I’m hoping to see some blowhole action in the water on my arrival in February!

Martina and Werner are still running the guesthouse–with their hands in many other real estate pots that keep them ultra busy. Building their own home too!


Here’s what I would do if I really,really wanted to go see the whales, book an early morning flight from La Romana to Samana. Make arrangements ahead with Kim Bidell , check out the whales, head back to the airport and catch the last flight back to La Romana. All this you can do yourself by computer,give it a try.

Thanks, people!

I’m not bothered by the thought of an hour and a half’s bus ride before getting on a boat, if it means I might get to see whales! The flight from England is nine and a half hours, so after going all that way, I want to fit in anything that’s remotely possible.

I’ll have a look at the Seavis website - thanks.

Kaki - do you know which part of the UK ‘Des’ is from?