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Whale watching

I’ve come across a couple notes where people indicated they were going to go whale watching. What time of the year do the whales migrate and what excursions can you take to see them?

The whale’s show up around the middle of january, just reme :)mber they are not on any set schedule, Kim Beddell is the one you want to go with, keeping your SAFETY and concern for the whales in mind, i’m in las terrenas so as soon as I here about the whales arriveing I’ll post it…

How does one contact Kim Beddell? Thanks for keeping us “posted”

Some info available at this link

The web site I have does not seem to work hope nobody minds but it is kim.beddall@usa.net, the phone number is 1-809-538-2494 not sure if it will work but that’s the lastest in the samana info mag :-/

I have been whale watching three times now and every time I have let Martin Espinal of Isaira tours arrange everything for me. Sadly he can’t tell the whales to be there but I have always seen some, one even swam right under our boat :o In case no one else tells you they are mainly in Samana Bay and sometimes 100km out from Puerto plata but I have only ever seen them in Samana.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

any tours available from Punta Cana ?

yes, there are several Tours available from Punta Cana.
by Bus on around a 3 1/2 hrs one way Bus Transfer before boarding the Boats in Samana or Miches, and also available as Flight Excursions. several Touroperators and also Watersports Centers sell the Tour.
a special Adventurous one is the Variation where You drive from Punta Cana to Miches Yourself in a Xtreme Buggy guided by Xtreme Buggy Guide Charly, in Miches You hopp aboard the Catamaran “Sonya” for a 3hrs whale watching Cruise through Samana Bay.
the Humpback Whale Popukation in and around Samana counts around 4000 Animals.
they start to frequent our Waters mid/end January and stay til around late March each Year.
for this year 2011 they have been present in numbers since around 2 weeks now, we also see them while fishing offshore Punta Cana since 2 weeks, but the Population that stays in Punta Cana is much smaller than the large Crowd in and around Samana.
the Xtreme Buggy Samana Whale Watching Tour is shown on http://www.excursionscorner.com/excursionsmainpage/whalewatchingsamanaxtreme.html

Happy Watching