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What are the best excursions?

What shouldn’t we miss to do??
What excursions did you love & why??

I only did one tour and I would recommend it to everyone at least once. The Bavaro Runners tour. Picks you up in an army type open monster truck. You go to a farm, school, you see how coffee and chocolate are made, you learn about sugarcane, you see a nice beach. I liked it because you really learn about the country in an exciting way. They serve you lunch but most of my friends and family were grossed out by the flies all over the food.
I would bring some snacks incase the flies are bad again.

I don’t think anyone would say the tour wasn’t worth it.


Yeah, we did pretty much the same tour…only our tour company were called, “Outback Safari”; but pretty much on the same big trucks and took the same routes. You actually got to ‘taste’ the sugar cane too and they had samples of coffee made on the plantation for you to try…very strong but good! We enjoyed the stop at the local beach because they had awesome waves for boogie boarding…in which they also had on-hand for you if you wanted to try. You are in the ocean with the local Dominican people as well but that makes it more interesting!

We also took this other tour which was only a half day and you got to snorkel and swim with sting rays and sharks!! That was an awesome experience in itself; you were on this party boat and they had the music going and they showed you how to make the local drink called the Coco Loco and then made a bunch for everyone to try! They stopped at this very shallow beach in which you could get off the boat and float around in the water with a “Floating Bar” and that was fun. They served snacks and danced with you too…fun, fun and we thought it was worth the money! This tour was called the “Marinarium Tour”…Check it out with your rep when you get there! (can’t remember how much it was though off-hand!)

If you are staying at Puerta Plata there is a day trip for snorkling to Paradise Island. LONG DAY but well worth it!! The bus ride to the Island was like 3 hours each way but you see everything on the way. We stopped at several sights of interest for pictures. Then we had lunch on the beach BEFORE getting on the boat for the Island. the Boat ride was maybe 15 minutes. What I liked about our tour was they timed it so that we were getting there and finishing lunch just as the other tours were LEAVING!! SO we had the Island basically to ourselves!! The snorkling was wonderful. We have been to the DR 3 times, 4th time this APril. ALWAYS disappointed in the snorkeling in the DR until this trip. As I said it is a LONG day. BUT if you love to snorkel then this is a must do as you will not find any other snorkeling up to par. Other tours will take you out to very deep water where there are 3 large boulders and that is it. Very few fish and no coral at all. Punta Canta we have yet to find any snorkeling worth our time. Better off saving your money and snorkel in the pool. At least you might find some pocket change.

Our friends did the Outback Safari and loved it. Other friends did the DOlphin WOrld swim in POP and LOVED it…to each their own. WHile on their Honeymoon the outback Safari couple also rented a car and drove to Santgo Domingo. Had the time of their lives. Got lost but said the people were all nice in helping redirecting them get more lost…LOL…They loved touring the old town and felt pretty safe. They are young. energentic and were living their dream so good for them!!

We have done all the Booze cruises. If you like loud music, rum and coke you will have a good time. DId it once no need to do it again unless it is free. NOT worth $65.00 PP

Parasailing!!! DO IT!! Scared to death the entire time but loved every second. WOW!! What a view you will NEVER get any other way!!

There is one trip I do not recommend and that is Durango Falls. This is a very dangerous trip. A 10 year old boy lost his live by drowning on this trip. If you want more information let me know and I can find the links to his story.

Two that I would recommend are the Bavaro Runners Tour which was already mentioned - it was a GREAT day - there were no issues with flies of any kind when we had lunch and the food was very good.

The other is the Reef Explorer - it’s the same company as the Marinarium but instead of the party boat and coast tour they take you out to a floating raft island with a healthy drinks bar. You can snorkel and swim with the stingrays and sharks they had bread to bring TONS of fish and the reefs were really worth seeing. Then they have massages and kayaks or you can just hang out on one of the sunbeds and read, it was a nice relaxing afternoon.

Wow…that Reef Explorer sounds interesting too…perhaps I’ll check that one out for our next trip to the DR…thanks for the info!!