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What building to request at the PCP?

We were told to try to email the resort within a few days of travel with a room request. ALOT of people say building five at the Punta Cana Princess but others says its overrated ::slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions?? (I know to ask for second or third floor to avoif the “musty smell”). We are not so concerned about the walk to and from the room we just want a nice view for what little time we will be in there!

Hola: All buildings are very nice. Bldg. 4 and 5 are close to the pool and beach and you get a nice view towards the water from both. We were in Bldg. 4, 3rd floor, and it was great!!!
We were supposed ot be in Bldg. 5 but there was a mixup. They offered to move us, but we loved the room and location of Bldg. 4 so we stayed right where we were.

You’ll love this resort if your goal is to chill out and relax.

It is on our short list of resorts that we will go back to.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs