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What can i take for my ears?

When flying my ears get real bad and i the pressure in my head is bad. Last year i heard someone say you can take something before flying that will help with that but i can’t remember the name. I think it was benadryl but not sure…anyone have any suggestions?

Sudafed works great

Found this bit of info on the net…

According to an August 2004 survey of 2,620 American Airlines flight attendants, there are ways to help lessen ear pain. When asked for the best way to alleviate ear pressure in flight, flight attendants gave the following expert advice:

Yawn, Chew or Swallow – 53%
Perform Valsalva maneuver 1 – 36%
Over the counter decongestant – 10%
Ear plugs – 1%



thank you! i will certainly look into it…hate that plugged up feeling!!
safe travels everyone!!

i have what the doctors call narrow ear canals, so before i fly i goto doc and she flushes my ears, since then i have no more pain or that feeling of not hearing for 2 days,

My wife is a nervous flyer who sometimes has problems with her ears.
She takes Benadryl & a Gravol a half hour before boarding the plane and she’s relaxed and sleeps like a baby. Has no problems with her ears or nervous flyers stomach. Good Luck.

I drink lots of water


Chew gum, it keeps you swallowing thus relieving some pressure, and keep the trips to the restroom down…


There is a product available in the pharmacy called Ear Planes they look like ear plugs but are opened to help equalize the pressure they retail for about $6-7 dollars.You can use pseudoephrine (tablets) or a nasal spray as well ie otrivan or saline.

I used to get severe ear pain my husband’s shoulder probably has an imprint of my ear ;D now I always fly with Ear Planes- they are only to be used for 2 flights ie going to punta cana and coming home as ear wax dust etc will clog the openings and render them useless

Earplanes - you can get them at Walmart - works every time.

Hi lovedasun,
I have a severe problems with my ears when flying. I have been to several doctors including 2 ENT’s (ear, nose, throat specialists). My ears won’t pop on their own due to a problem with the eustachian tubes. Here is my flight survival routine: I start taking “Sudafed Sinus Advanced” before and during a flight. It is a decongestant with Ibuprofen for pain and is in a silver and blue box. I start taking one tablet every 4 hours the day before my flight. I time it so that I am due to take it 2 hours before landing (the drug is at maximum effectiveness 2 hours after taking it) and this time I take 2 tablets. Just before take-off, I use “Dristan Fast Acting Nasal Spray”, then pop a “Halls Cough Drop” in my mouth. The landing is the worst part so just as we start the descent (I feel it before they announce it by the way) I use the Dristan again and the Halls, but this time I also start to plug my nose and and take a breath and force my ears to pop as soon as I feel the pressure build. It is important to do this frequently so that the pressure doesn’t have a chance to build up. Sometimes it takes several attempts to get my ears to pop and it ususally sounds more like tiny squeek to me. That’s okay though because the air is getting released from the tubes and that’s what its all about. Its alot of fuss to go through but its alot better than the alternative which is the possibility of a ruptured eardrum for me or not flying at all.
Wishing you a great flight and a wonderful vacation!
Spacey :sunglasses:

Yes and the day she flies home she drinks at least 2 dozen SPACEY’S which consist of

1 Part Amaretto
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1 Part Pineapple Juice

doesn’t remember a thing

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[quote=@frodobaggins]Yes and the day she flies home she drinks at least 2 dozen SPACEY’S which consist of

1 Part Amaretto
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Pineapple Juice

doesn’t remember a thing

HEHEHEHEHEHEHE Are we there yet???

Now that sounds like an even better plan Frodo :stuck_out_tongue:

Works great and you need a ticker!!!

I use “ear planes” - they’re ear plugs which regulate the pressure on take-off and landing. One pair per round trip. I couldn’t/wouldn’t travel without them. Available at pharmacies, large box stores (walmart). cost is between $5 - $9 (depending on where you get them).

For further info on ear planes, go to www.cirrushealthcare.com/faq.aspx#WhereEar