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What Canadian Tratitions at a Cuban Wedding

Hi my son is getting married at the Tanios in Varadero in November. I am just wondering what tratitions we could bring with us to use at the wedding. Also What have other couples done. Have you went out for a Stag, or Staggette. Does the groom not share the room with the bride the night before. What can we as parents do for a rehersal party? We usually do it up here at home.

Please help

Thanks Northerngirl

Our daughter is getting married in Varadero in January and we had a shower and stag n doe here and are having a “day before the wedding” small reception in our suite the day before they get married. We’ve arranged to have some wine/beer and some small munchies. Just a gathering to inform the guests (there are 51 of us) where the actual ceremony will take place, regroup and make sure everyone has been happy and continues to be, etc.
Our daughter is keeping their room the night before the wedding and her bridesmaids are going to share it with her while the groom spends it with his “men” in one of their rooms. She wanted that part to remain traditional. I have heard that island weddings are beautiful and so different and I cannot wait to experience this. Good luck with the wedding and ENJOY!!!

My son got married at Brisas Guardalavaca this year in February. There were 23 of us (bride’s family, groom’s family and a few friends of bride and groom). Since my son and his wife wanted to keep their wedding simple and fun, there was no big effort to have any formal rehearsal get-together, etc. However, it seems to me that the whole week consisted of lots of fun get-togethers (groups meeting for lunch or supper, everyone meeting at the 24 hour bar and grill late at night, groups doing excursions together, etc.).

We arrived on a Saturday but the wedding wasn’t until the following Thursday. The meeeting on Monday with the wedding planner took less than 30 minutes. Other than that, there was no rehearsal. The wedding planner met the bride about 20 minutes before the ceremony (to make sure the horse and buggy carried her to the beach wedding site on time, etc.). The groom was told to show up about 5 minutes before the ceremony.

The groom moved to the best man’s room the morning of the wedding (to change into his wedding clothes, etc.). Then the men in the wedding party played poker to pass the time until the actual ceremony. The bride and her attendants had hair and nail appointments, etc. so no poker for them!

They did have their wedding reception in the evening at the Italian a la carte. They brought their own guest book and pen, a few candles, and small wedding favours for the table but that was it. There were the usual speeches given during the meal. The area outside of the restaurant is very pretty and quite private so they did have the traditional throwing of the garter and bride’s bouquet there after the wedding meal.

There was a pre-wedding stag/stagette evening planned for Tuesday night which was the “Booze Cruise” (sorry, can’t remember the official name). It is best to plan something like that at least two days before the wedding. It was mainly for the young (or the young-at-heart) although everyone was welcome.

There was a post-wedding excursion “swim with the dolphins” the day after the wedding.

Did I mention that the 3 pm beach marriage ceremony and wedding was perfect? It was a warm and sunny day but with a slight breeze. The wedding area was nicely decorated and had comfotable chairs for the guests. The resort quartet played before and after the service. There were lots of on-lookers but they kept their distance and did not intrude. It was exactly what my son and his wife had hoped for and the entire wedding party enjoyed a great week. The bride and groom went with an open mind and I think that helps (eg. regarding color or type of flowers available, etc). They felt like they were treated like royalty by the staff there. My daughter-in-law said she felt like a princess and wanted to continue wearing her wedding dress all evening long. Throughout the resort, people clapped when she entered the room, little girls wanted their photo taken with her, etc.

The only hitch that I can think of was that the photos included in the wedding package (which is free at Brisas Guardalavaca) were of poor quality. However, they had made arrangements for other photos to be taken and so that was really a non-issue for them. However, it might be something to consider for other weddings (ie. have a backup photographer).

My son and his wife know they made the right decision for their wedding - it suited them perfectly. They received their marriage certificate about 3 months after the wedding.

Hope this helps.

One suggestion:

We had a candle ceremony as part of our wedding . It was here in Canada, but it would work anywhere.

The parents light a candle each and pass it to their child (symbolic of giving life, love or whatever is important message for your family) the bride and groom take their candle and light a larger single candle that symbolizes the beginning of life together and they extinguish the parent’s candle and give it back to the parent with thanks. The larger candle stays lit through the rest of the marriage ceremony. Then each year after we light the candle for a bit on our anniversary. The parent still have their candle and can do the same if they wish or just have it as a symbol of the day. For us after 17 years it has remained an important part of our special day.

If pictures are important then I would suggest that you take a few cameras and even ask by standards to take some for you. On one of our trips to Cuba we were asked if we would attend a wedding the day before the event. That was when I had a film camera. I took a whole roll of pictures and as a wedding present just gave them the roll of film. With digital cameras that is a bit more difficult, but you would be surprised how many might step up to take pictures with your camera - or their own. Many resorts have photo shops close by. if they use their own camera you could get them put on disc before you leave.