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What do you do first for fun


Just curious…When you arrive at your resort what is the first "fun" thing that you choose to do? Is it that first tropical drink? A nap? A walk around the resort? A look at the beach?


Hi Tina,

Depending on what time I arrive it changes, morning arrivals finds me checking in and then going to the ladies or changing area if my room isn’t ready and getting into my bathing suit to go to the beach and get my towel and get a drink and get wet! Have some lunch and start the vacation!

Evening arrivals a little different, get that drink! And then maybe a little dinner and go to the show! Then off to the room to have sweet dreams because I am finally in paradise!

all the best,


I don’t know if the first thing I do for fun is all that easy to pin point! The first things I do are the things that I am most thinking about in the days, weeks and months leading up to the trip. Indeed, a banana mama in my hand and the feel of the sand in my toes was what I most looked forward to this most recent trip. The first thing I plan for, though it may be hours before it happens, is strapping on the snorkel and mask. That’s the first thing I plan to do for fun though a million others may have happened first!


The 1st thing I do is to find our room, unpack the minimum toiletries-facecloth-wash. Put valuables in the SDB. Get out of the silk long underwear. Put on appropriate clothing (or lack of) depending on what time we arrive. Head down to the lobby bar and say "Yo quiero cerveza por favor- Gracias. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Let the games begin!


Ahhhhh…the first thing you do for fun!

Well, as baltobabe stated, depend totally on when you arrive.

In the past, we have always been lucky enough to reach the resort around noon, which allows us to either go straight to our rooms (if ready), or to a change room, get on our suits, and head for the nearest bar!


Fill the thermal mug, for the first time…then head off and check out the resort, noting where each and every watering hole is, and of course, the food sections!

Unfortunately, this year we will not be arriving at the resort until around 10 - 11 pm.

I guess it will be pretty easy to figure out this years plan of attack, as my conversation with my sister-in-law would suggest.

When she realized that after our flight change, that we would not be in till that hour, she stated "So I guess we will just go to our rooms and get a good nights sleep?"


Not a chance I said, instead, it is off to our rooms, get comfortable, and settle in to the nearest bar for a few hours!


Hope everyone will have a very excellent vacation this year, and we look forward to meeting as many of the good posters of DDT as we possibly can!

You will know our group by the lack of noise, and the very quiet, laid back demeanor.


Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee

It Feels Great To Donate!


Know that feeling, arrive from airport, abandon case by reception and leave tourists booking in, rush straight round to the bar poolside and greet with hugs and kisses all my friends on the staff from previous trips, maybe force a quick santo libre down my neck, then back to reception to book in etc.

My fun, seeing all my friends again and looking forward to all the new friends I know I’ll make. :-*


Grab a drink, change into your bathing suit, and get to the beach as fast as possible, and let the pressure and worries of work drift away.

Nap??? Only nap allowed in the DR is one lying on your lounger at the beach, listening to the waves and merengue music.


Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs


We always do the same thing, unpack everything and get that out of the way and then go straight to the beach and just stand there staring at the ocean and let the stress drain out of us. I love that feeling.


In the past we have always arrived late afternoon in time for dinner. We find our room, quickly change and head to the nearest bar for a drink. Then grab some dinner and tour the resort.
This year we did not arrive until 1:00am (yes lost a day) so we grabbed a Presidente, found our room, opened to balcany door and listened to the ocean… (too dark to see anything)
After a sleep, it was up for breakfast and touring began.



Dump the luggage, grab a drink and go and sink my toes into the sand! there’s no feeling like it! ;D


Beer,Room,Sex and maybe not exactly in that order


We arrive at 3:51 to PUJ, not sure when that puts us at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort. The shuttle is provided by HotelBeds, anyone know when we can expect to get to the resort?

I am guessing that we will probably drop luggage do a quick tour of the area and then go to dinner. Maybe a dip might be first depending on the arrival time.



Drop off suitcases in room,

Lock up valuables in safe,

Change into beach clothes,

Grab a tall tropical drink at nearest bar,

Go feast our eyes on the ocean, and feel the sand beneath our feet, let the wind off the ocean, blow our stresses and troubles away,

Then we go tour the resort.

And thank our lucky stars that we have 2 weeks of all this beauty ahead of us ! ;D :sunglasses:

All of this in 5 days !!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Always like to see the water, hear it, smell it. Love that blue. KK


The first thing I do after checking in is head to the nearest bar check to see if they have champagne(you’d be surprised how many do) and get myself one to drink while I am heading off to my room. On one trip to Cuba we arrived at our hotel at 2:00 am and asked the clerk which bar was still open. We dropped our bags in our room, headed to disco and ordered as many beers as we could carry, asked directions to the beach and sat on the sand drinking and running into the water. What can I say, we come from “The Rock” where the winter gets cold. So to answer your question, we get a drink and find the beach no matter what time we arrive.


Well now…Only
3 Days 14 Hrs 58 Mins 04 Secs til Iberostar Bavaroand we’ll have to figure out “What to do first for fun”…hint ,hint…
(It’s COCKTAIL time ;D ;D).
Usually(and here’s where Kar has a problema with me :o), I head straight to the lobby bar for a cocktail as I leave her at the front desk to check in. Just kidding(haha).
Well as we figure as far as heading to the bar first we already have it planned to have Sharon & Gary(Mrs & Mr iTravel) and Marc(the ponder) and Anna greeting us with a tray full of “libation” WOOOHOOOOOO.

Joe :sunglasses: (& Karen 8-))



I’m with ya…Much to the chagrin of Wendy!

We get in at 9:30 so make sure the tray is still full. Barring that…leave a note of your whereabouts or tune in your radio, if you have one, to 6/6.

Let the fun begin.



I’m not sure what kind of radio you mean ???
Are you talking about the small walkie talkie kind?
Anyway…We wont have one …BUT. Here’s what we’ll do.
The Sat. night you get in we may be at the Maria Bonita(Mexican Rest) at the Dominicana.
We FOR SURE will leave a message at the desk as to where we all will be…We PROMISE.
As the weather forcast here in cloudy ,grey Rochester NY calls for a major snow storm Tues, Wed, Thurs. we just want to get up to Toronto(leaving for Tor. on Wed around 5:30 PM) usually a 3-3 1/2 HR drive for us.

            WE NEED SUN

“THE CREW” looks forward to seeing you guys on Saturday

Till then our B.C. amigos


Joe :sunglasses: (and Kar 8-))


head for the beach, (with a stop(s) at a bar along the way),
stand there in total awe and amazement,
hug each other and always remember the look on the kids’ faces when they see the ocean for the first time, be thankful that we are able to enjoy a beautiful family vacation in Punta Cana - the memories will last a lifetime.


Dos Servezas,

Amen to that ! ;D