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What do you do with your pets?

Just curious…for those of you with pets, what do you do with them while you’re travelling? Do you board them, hire a pet sitter, or rely on friends/family/neighbours to look after them? We usually rely on family to look after our cats, but the next time we travel (Caribbean cruise in Feb) the family member that usually minds them will be travelling with us. We do have the option of a couple of other family members watching them, but I don’t want to inconvenience anyone (and, quite frankly, our second family option isn’t the most reliable person). We are considering either boarding the boys at a kitty cottage or hiring a pet sitter to come to our home to feed/play with them. What do you do?

We usually have a family member look after Mr. MacTavish (westie) but if there is nobody you can really trust to look after a member of your family, and they are a member of the family, then we have put him in a kennel. Not a ordinary kennel but one that is provided by a veterinarian. A vet makes sure that your pet is feed properly and exercised on a regular bases. Also they make sure they don’t get any sickness related to ordinary kennels like kennel cough.

I always ask one my neighbor’s daughter to come and check on my cats. I also leave enough dry cat food and water for 7 days in big pans, like the one you use to cook a turkey. And I add another litter box. I’m glad I did this on my last trip in November because when the young girl came to get the keys, she did not understand that we were leaving the next day and she did not come to look after our cats. Major misunderstanding! Let me tell you that after seven days, my two cats were happy to see us. Nothing bad happened, there was still food and water left in the bowls but the house really smelled bad because the litter boxes had not been emptied. Good lesson for me, I’ll make sure to put everything in writing for the sitter the next time we go on a trip.

AHHHH this is my turf!!! I am a profesional pet sitter! You can do a search for Pet Sitters International and put in your postal code and it will pull up every professional who serves your area.

Going with a professional does cost more than family friends or the kid around the block but you also have the added benifit of knowing the job will be done. Something better is not going to come up with their friends or just plain old forget. You get a person who is paying for insurance, bonding, and taxes.

You do not have to be a pro to do a good job but I would hope that my fellow pros would have more experience (former vet tech), know how to administer meds, and hold themselves to a higher standard. A pro will also have paper work for you, refrences and a vet release form giveing them the OK to go to the vet in the event of an emergency. A pro will also have all dates and instructions on a sheet that you will both sign so that there can be no missunderstanding of dates, times of visits, medication, all instructions.

We just put our Pug Tico at the Pet Smart Hotel. Check it out online, its very nice. $25 per day. Much nicer than kennel, IMHO.


We tell the cat (Bella) that she is going to “The Kitty Spa”… :-X :-*
We have a nice little local “cats only” place nearby. She can get a kennel with her own ‘blankey’ and a sliding door to an enclosed outside balcony…very cute! And she gets one on one ‘playtime’.
This is the best solution for us.

We also leave our Pug-Chihuahua Lex at the center where we adopted him from. it’s a nice home environment, 24/7, other dogs, lotsa stuff to do and what you pay, well, is actually a donation to the center… It cost us about 12$ a day. Well worth it, they’re profesionals after all! It was one of the conditions/serivces that came along with the adoption…! Plus, it’s a familiar face for him…

I put my 2 Bishons, in pet bording place(they just sleep & eat anyway)My cockapoo requires lotsa att., I leave him with relatives.

Personally we have tons of kids who we never take, instead forcing them into slave labour (enough money for a few pizzas when we are gone!) So they take care of the pets…Lexi and Seamus are two rambuncous standard poodles, who would probably be traumatized if we boarded them…and then gizmo the cat. She could care less. Leave the toilet lid up…and open her bag of food…clean the kitty litter and she would not notice us gone lol!!

HOWEVER…we have boarded our late shephard quite a few times. We did NOT use the vet to board. We used a wonderful place that treated him like gold. We signed a form allowing them to take him to the vet if needed. NO reputable place…vet run or not will take your dog without bordetello shots…thus preventing kennel cough…which is a DOG issue…not a CAT issue…so no worries for the kitties!


by the way. my sister used to work at a “vet” kennel, YEA. one dog ran away and got hit by a car…and all pets were alone every night in cages…some of the small independents provide MUCH better care…as they live on premises for the most part, and they are usually in large rural areas with lots of room to run and play. JMO.

1 dog goes to a friends for her own “spa away” time. Small house dog and she is spoiled rotten and well looked after at her “spa”.

2 large dogs stay at home and the teenager across the road gets off the school bus here, stays with them, goes home for dinner, comes back, stays with them overnight then gets on the school bus in the morning from here.

Personally, I’d never, ever leave a dog overnight at a vet unless it’s life or death. The staff leaves for the night.

We got our sheltie at a kennel owned by friends of ours. They told us that anytime we needed to go away, that they’d be happy to take her back and would look after her while we were gone. They breed and raise prebred shelties, so she’d be right back at home with some of her family.

This March when we travel our adult son will be home, so she won’t have to be boarded anywhere.

This is a thread that I really wasn’t paying too much attention to, but I guess I will have to now, we are getting a cockapoo puppy on boxing day,can’t wait it is sooo cute, the kids are going to be thrilled.

If my son in Ottawa cannot watch my miniature Italian grey hound, I have to cancell my vacation because he would die if I left him at a kennel and I could not find anyone who would let him sleep in their bed. He is so spoiled but we love him to death.

One nice thing about adopting a dog from a rescue group is that you have an immediate network of people to tap into for support and help. When we were heading south after adopting Peaches, the woman who fostered her passed on the name of friends who love to dog sit in their home. It’s a prefect set-up as they’re “dog people” who don’t currently have a dog. They love having her for a week or two, then send her home (they say it’s just like having a grandchild LOL). Peaches loves staying there.

We have 13 rescued animals in our home: 2 dogs, 4 cats (2 are feral), 2 parrots, 4 budgies and a cockatiel. Boarding them out is totally out of the question.

We will be gone a total of 5 weeks in the spring - 4 of those will be spent in the DR - and we have a wonderful friend who is moving into our home for the time we are away to care for our critters.

It’s a great deal all around - she gets to live on our farm and escape the city (she’s a farmgirl from southern Ontario originally). She gets to access our vast video collection, take long walks with the dogs in the forest or along the lake (we live on 12.5 acres), drink pure clean well water with no chemicals added, has the honour of sleeping with 2 of our cats, the pleasure of waking to birdie sounds - both wild and domestic, will be falling asleep to the musical sounds of the frogs at the pond and last but not least - she will be able to see the stars in the night sky.

We are covering her travel expenses since she will have a commute to her job, plus we will be leaving her plenty of food, emergency funds and both vehicles.

I’ve put together a list for her - vet contacts, detailed info on each pet, emergency animal contacts for assistance on the island, back up phone numbers of neighbours & friends who can help out in a pinch.

Good thing the chickens don’t arrive until after we get home!!

I know she will be glad to get home to her own space in the city once we return, but I also know she will miss the peace and quiet out here just as soon as she hears the first siren wail or vehicle horn honking or tires squealing.

I am grateful that we have someone our animals know well and trust - someone we can trust - to care for our beloved critters over such a length of time. They will miss us, as we will them but at least we won’t be stressing about them while we’re away, knowing they are in excellent hands. Hopefully the attention she will lavish on them will help distract them from being too lonely for our company. I plan to arrive home with plenty of treats for all of them!

As I am taking my laptop and also have a pc in my home office,
we will be able to keep in contact daily.

I think I’ve got it covered, and I’m grateful to have such a friend.

Storm :sunglasses:

We left our cats at the vet when we went away in 2007 and the rescued cat was fine, but my “baby” didn’t eat for two days while she was there and when she came home it took a week for her to get back to normal and since then we have had family members watch our cats.

our pet dog sophie, who is a bassett hound goes to her grandmothers for our vacation time. She goes there daily for doggie daycare… she gets dropped off and picked up each day like the kids at day care. She loves the company and my mother does also. it gives her the joy and love of an animal but not all the work, cost or stress. Having a bassett hound is something special, they are a really different breed of dog. our sophiedog, long ears and all is our baby

Bonita, enjoy the cockapoo, mine “fred” is the funniest dog ever,lotsa crazy quirks but a great companion!

We take MissyD to the place where she gets groomed. One of the owners takes her home at night and lets her sleep on her bed. During the day she is at the “dog spa” (grooming place, playing with all the other dogs). While there during her 2 week vacation, we get her groomed.

We used to have friends look after our other little pooch but when she reached the ripe old age of 14 they no longer wanted to face what could be the inevitible. Taffy lived until she was 10 days short of her 20th birthday, so no vacations for us for 5 years because there was no way, after 14 yrs, that we could introduce our wee girl to something else. Missy too was a rescue dog and was caged for most of her young life and 2 years after we got her. Now, no cages for my little one.