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What documents do they ask for when exiting?


Just wondering what they need besides the exit card you have to fill out at the airport before leaving? I like to have all that stuff out and handy and anything I don’t need tucked away until I’m on the other side. Yes I’m OCD like that :wink:

I’m a permanent resident of Canada not a Citizen… anyone else in the same boat and been asked for their PR card when exiting?



Yup, your passport and just the same blue form you filled in on the way in and ‘sometimes’ the white customs declaration form (also the same as the one you filled out on the way in). That one seems to be a crap shoot - sometimes yes and sometimes no.
As for the PR card, no idea. I suspect your passport will do …


Passport and the blue form or a small while one if you are a resident of the DR. That should be all you need.

Have you PR card available but I am not sure you will need it leaving the DR but most likely will need it when arriving in Canada, that is if you going to Canada.

Bob K