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What exactly is an animation team?


I see it everywhere, people rating them, but what the heck is an animation team? ???


An animation team is the group of young adults hired by each resort to provide nightly entertainment for the guests. These young people work very hard at putting on an enjoyable show every night, with each night having a different theme. The shows will vary from resort to resort.



Animation Teams usually work a split shift as well. They lead activities during the day - i.e. aerobics, volleyball, Spanish lessons, etc. as well as put on the shows at night…

They work VERY hard and are NOT professionals but, most I have seen are very energetic and try very hard to make sure you have a good time… therefore, I try not to “diss” the evening shows but, mostly I do avoid them… Just us.


Some good, some …bad. The best I have seen was Casa del Mar, Excellent, top notch, the best. Worst, the resort I am going to and I don’t care, I am in bed by 9pm now, sad isn’t it? They do work at it though and I am not dissing anyone. I could never do what they do! I admire thier dedication!


All of the resorts I have been to have an “Animation Team”. They are just that. Usually, they are very upbeat and extroverted and appear to enjoy their jobs which is involving the guests in a variety of amusements/diversions. (I hear you! and yes, that may go on with some guests).

The dancers that I have seen appear to have some background in dance/theatre. I do try to see all of the shows. It is free and I think live performances are very entertaining and I know they do work very hard performing as well as rehearsing.

BTW-most of them are very good looking and in great shape!


Most do an excellent job and get very little or no thanks for their long hours and trying to make everyones stay as pleasant as possible :sunglasses:
Good teams I have seen were at the RIUs, Ocean, Palladium, CCC and a few bad ones that I guess I should not mention as I might get a few members angry at me as usual :sunglasses:


They do work very hard.The best I seen was at Occidental Grand P.C. last year.They also had a live band that were top notch although,they played a few more North American tunes than I prefer, after all I can hear them at home.
We usually try to take in the shows because I know it gives any entertainer a big lift to see they are performing for a full house.After all we know their pay is not very good.
Keep in mind these people are just trying to make our stay more enjoyable.Keep an open mind,it’s not Las Vegas.


The animation team and dancers are the heart and soul of the resort. They work ridiculous hours for little pay and little appreciation. My boyfriend is an animator at Breezes and I am close friends with a few other dancers/animators…they deserve drinks off guests all day just to keep them going!!! I usually supply them with a constant supply of shandies and gin and tonics!! Oh, the dancers are not trained at all, so when you find a good dancer (there are lots of bad ones) they just have a natural ability and talent!