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What is a good Web Translation site

Hi Guys

I received a letter in Spanish from a Cuban friend. What site have you found made the best translations from Spanish to English

“Google Translate”


My favorite site is babblefish, not to be confused with babelfish, though that’s ok too. Just google them. :slight_smile:

I can help, if you’d like!

this one is my fave, because i type in the english, it translates to spanish (or any language) and then translates that back to english … so if there are ambiguities or words “lost in translation” i can amend my original, and right before my very eyes, it’s finito y perfecto


buena suerte!

Thanks guys

Of course, the big problem is working out what they actually meant. Common typos include swapping b and v, or c, s or z.

Once I was puzzled by “envuyas” - someone suggested they meant “embullas”.

That may have been the reason why after using all the translation sites there still was some really confusing sentences.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I must agree with scovanotian in that we have never had a problem with that site

I’m curious! Do you folks have a shot at translating the letters by yourselves first? I find I really learn a lot when I struggle through. Then a translation site helps me figure out the stuff that eluded me. What your vote on this?

I have - with my limited Spanish - but this was a 2 page letter and was looking for a bit of a boost in translation. I thank a very special member for stepping up and helping me. It really made the letter far more understandable.

Thank you all for the links - they did help … but they lost the ‘mood’ of the letter.