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What is the best resort to go to in Cayo Coco?


Good time to book now Caper with the early booking discounts and bonuses. We took advantage and booked in June with a fantastic price. . A friend was there last year. Said it was ok showing it’s age(almost 20 years). Some rooms updated. Close to airport which is a plus. Beach is shallow a fair piece out and on high tide not much beach area.


Hi Blondie! ;D I am sure I have read that the Tryp is a preferred destination for many young people just finished with college for the year. Read that: party place! Perhaps someone can correct me if this is not accurate…


You are tooooooo right travelchick! The price is relatively cheaper as resorts go and they love that.

Caper…check out this deal page for transat.

If you book early you get a few things. Some of the people with us that are not in Club Class took advantage of the free seat selection which is gone the further along you wait to book.

We got our favorite place(Iberostar Ensenachos,Spa) cheaper than we have ever had it in the 4 years of being there. We booked in June the minute they posted it and the price has gone up $180 pp since. We also got our seats in Club. So all 8 of us are happy with it. The other 4 are in economy with their preferred seats.


We have been to the Sol, Blau, Tryp and Sol Guillermo…did not like the Blau at all the Tryp was okay but the smell from the lagoon that runs through it was awful…perfer the Sol Guillermo and then the Sol Cayo Coco…


We were there April 2012 - smell from laggon has been “fixed and gone”. We found it too noisy and busy and I was disapointed with the staff. Been to Cuba X3 and I always ofund the staff/Cubans to be unbelieveably friendly and kind…not so there, they all appeared extremly overworked and stressed.

Very active animation team, music coming at you from every speaker on the resort, each with a different tune, even on the BEACH which for me was most disapointing…

Food, however, was the best we have had in Cuba.

We prefer a bit qieter resort but if you like to party, it’s a great place!! very very clean but also very dated


Stayed at the Blue Bay 2years ago, now called something else. I am heading to Tryp at the end of Sept.

Cayo coco is a great area. Beaches are some of the best I have seen, its a very quiet area, able to get out and explore, drive scooters etc and not worry about hardly any traffic.

The Blue Bay was a great resort, fairly new and had no complaints, and that was my 1st experience in Cuba, after just being in Jamaica 6 mths before and being warned about “Cuba”, I actually enjoyed it more than Jamaica!

There have always been good deals I find to this area, especially out of Atlantic Canada. Was in Varadero last Oct, but I think Cayo Coco has its own appeal for sure.


We stayed at the Melia Cayo Coco and loved it! No kids, quieter resort, great food, fantastic service and a lovely beach. By staying there, we also had access to the disco at the Sol next door so if you want to party, you have the option. But if you want quiet, you just have to stay put. We thought it was the best of both worlds.