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What is your favorite Cuban rum?

Being fairly new to Cuba, and to this board… I thought a good “rum” talk is in order!

I brought back some Havana Club 7 year Anejo, past February, and treasure it… only bringing it out for special occasions. Also some Santiago de Cuba… This year, I want to try something different… any suggestions? Please, all you aficionados… chime in!

Ahhhhh… yes, no mix… straight up, with a Punch Churchill cigar! Thanks for the info! C’mon lads, lets keep em coming!

Havana Club Barrel Proof is also a great “on the rocks” rum was about CUC$35.00*
For a real treat try Havana Club 15 year, about CUC$115.00*
*these prices are approximate - I can’t remember what we paid.
Try asking for a sweet dark rum at the bar (can’t remember the term or name)- definitely not for mixing - I didn’t mind it once in awhile for a change.

*Opinions are those of the writer ;D

Now thats what I’m talking about! The 15 year! I will be staying at Playa Caleta in Varadero, is there a rum store close by? I took a quick look last year, and all I could find was 7 year at the hotel.

I could definitely afford that iriemon! : )

Right across the street is the Casa del Ron - enjoy! :slight_smile:

On a trip to Varadero we found a rum store near the “market”. We bought our barrel proof there and I’m also sure they sold the 15 year stuff. We bought ours at the Breezes Jibacoa store.

Keep your eyes open for the 1 litre Barrel Proof - it’s a way better deal than the 750 ml.

Santiago de Cuba rum (dark) is a wonderful drink (straight on ice, no mix required). For mixing, one would be hard pressed to get better than Santiago de Cuba Blanco. It may not be available in every shop, so when you do see it - pick up a bottle at about $11.

I shared a bottle of the 15 yr old at a container packing earlier this year… boy it disappeared fast…

Personaly, I like the “Mulata blanco anejo” !!

About as fast as I did when it was gone? :wink:

Ron Matusalem 15 when available.

For me “Puerto Principe” Añejo, or “Santiago” Añejo. A few years ago the best (IMO) was Matuzalem, and another good one was “Los Marinos” which was commonly called “Pates Cruzados” because of the picture on the label. Anybody else remember those?


Matusalem rum is a very good rum, but it is no longer a Cuban rum. It is labeled as “The Spirit of Cuba” the company left Cuba after the Castro take over and was relocated and is now produced in Dominican Rep.

“… Ron Matusalem 15 when available…”

Ron Matusalem hasn’t been manufactured in Cuba since late 2000 when the distillery was shut down. Any Matusalem 15 you can buy in Cuba is counterfeit. The Matusalem 15 was never sold in stores, only in select high-end bars.

Bacardi bought the name and up until 6 or 7 years ago it was manufactured in Florida, then production was moved to Dominican Republic where it’s still made.

Ron Corsario is still a great buy in CUP, and Caney Anejo Centuria is great bang for the buck, better (in my opinion) than Havana Club 7.

All rum is good in Cuba. But back in Canada I prefer the Havana Club 7r .

Ron Caney Añejo Centuria 7 yr makes HC 7 yr look like dishwater. :wink:


Thanks for your input fellow board members! I look forward to trying out some of these!

Cheers! Fabe ; )