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What is your travel style for Cuba?

There are so many different ways to enjoy Cuba. Some use it to decompress, chill out on a beach and never move while others never stop. What is your Cuba like?

Casa’s only for me.

We usually got to a resort, then travel a bit. This coming trip we are undecided on whether we stay overnight in a casa in Havana. I doubt our guide will, so we would be on our own in the evening and the next morning. Not sure yet. We are also going to a professional baseball game, possibly in Matanzas. I like the home base of a resort
We’ve gone to Havana three times and once to Trinidad from Cayo Coco and stayed in a casa there. It really was quite the experience. A very good one

I have to go with “other”, because although I stay at AIs and I don’t do day trips “as often as possible” I do venture off resort, depending on the weather…and I see my attempt to copy/paste from the poll bought me another vote! So I’m in in two categories now.

If it’s “beach weather” I will be snorkelling, walking, sailing, etc. If it is not, then I may well be exploring the area on foot or by bicycle, or I might opt for a tour. Besides those options, there are the times I have been invited to someone’s house, either for a visit or a meal.

I do all inclusive and go around but sometimes only casa particulates or stay with family. I am happy going to all inclusive as well as staying in casas. For me really is not important as long as I am away from daily routine, work, bills :slight_smile: etc

All inclusive, with day visits to mi amigos in Matanzas (when in Varadero)
Upcoming trip I will be visiting mi amiga-sobrina in Cardenas

AI for me. Until the time comes that I get to be there for more than 1 week. With the two days of travel that only leaves 5 days to decompress & chill. Not much time for doing anything but that…swimming, snorkeling and catching up with friends. Next thing you know, your back on the bus for home :frowning: