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What next! Sunquest Raincheck

(in today’s Toronto Star, Travel Section)

Sunquest Rain Check…if it rains on your vacation, You’ll go again FREE!*
eg. - if it rains 1/2 an inch or more each for 4 days of a 1 week vacation, we’ll (Sunquest) give you a credit for your next vacation (taxes excluded)
- Rainfall is measured by an independent company in the city or at the international airport in the destination where you landed
- Within 30 days of returning, just check our website and see if you qualify
- If you qualify, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation, and a future travel voucher for the price of your vacation (less taxes) will be sent to your travel agent
- To redeem your free* vacation, decide where and when you want to go and book by September 30, 2009.

10,000 FREE RAINCHECKS!** Normally, Sunquest’s new RainCheck offer will sell for $39.95 per adult (children 12 years & under are free), however, be one of the first 10,000 to book and your RainCheck’s on us.

See it in print…Toronto Star/Travel Section November 15, 2008

I sure wouldn’t pay $39.95 / person for that. It doesn’t include taxes and it doesn’t include the airfare. And if you’ve looked at air only prices, they’re darn near as much as the one week AI … ::slight_smile:

But what gets me, is you have to expect the prospect of rain on any holiday! At least being in warmer climates, it won’t be Sn** !!

To all things, including a holiday, a bit of rain must fall but since it is free for the time being, might just as well take it along but after that, it might be better to just plan on a few rainy days and make the best of it instead of forking out more money for something that might not happen anyway.

By the way, it does include the airfare, just no taxes.

It appears I may have misread their statement.
From the Sunquest site:
"RainCheck is a weather protection guarantee available exclusively from Sunquest, Holiday House and Fun Sun Vacations that entitles you to a future travel voucher representing the base cost of your holiday (excluding transportation-related fees, taxes and surcharges and travel agency booking fees and charges), should it rain for more than half your holiday. "

Another sure sign of global warming ::slight_smile:

With 22 cm of snow on the ground my thoughts are more about what happends if I am trying to get away and major snow storm hits and I spend two days int he airport. That’s what would ruin my holiday. Not sure if you get anything back for the two days you miss or not.

Good question. Snow is just ‘hard’ rain.
However, I think they mean at your destination … :frowning:

I am just saying that I would pay for something that gave me a free vacation if it got ruined becasue my flight could not leave Regina or where ever I was flying from. I have never actually been anywhere down south where it snowed.

If I had to spend two days in my departure airport because of a snow storm, it would ruin my vacation. I have been south many times and not once did it not rain but it did not ruin my vacation. Of course though it rained one or two days for a short period at m ost. When I book a trip and it is coming near to departure time, the thought of rain does not really cause any stess but I am constantly watching the weather as the thought of spending a day or two in an airport with three kids, about kills me. If I knew that I could replace my vacation if that happened… now that would be a piece of mind.