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What resort has waterslides?


we are travelling with our 3 daughters and their 3 boyfriends; they are all in their early to late 20’s. They aren’t partiers but instead love to do activities; basically they are grown up kids;  We would love to go somewhere where there are activities such as waterslides, paintball, and archery, among the other “usual” activities.  We once went to the old Club Maeva in Manzanillo Mexico (now called the Gran Festivall) when the girls were young and they would love to go there again, however, it seems to not be available for the only week that all 6 of us can get off work, which is Feb. 20-27 (give or take a day).  We don’t care where we go. cuba, mexico, anywhere hot!!  It just has to be reasonably priced since the girls want a vacation but still have a lot of financial commitments right now like student debt, etc.  We would like to pay no more than $1000/person but we will go ANYWHERE hot and all inclusive that has these activities. Can anyone out there either help me with their knowledge or perhaps point me in the direction to where to look?  or perhaps I am just being unrealistic. We will even book last minute if only we knew what resorts to watch for deals.  Thanks muchly!! -Karen


Don’t know anywhere in Cuba where you can get those activities but that’s about the only place you will get for your price range likely. Depending on where you are travelling from of course.

As for the activities, I am not sure either. I have been to Jamaica, Punta Cana and Cuba and have not stayed at nor seen a resort like that. Perhaps a Mexico expert can advise if anything like that there.


The Blau Marina in Varadero has a big waterslide:
Have a look here:


That’s about the same size as the one that memories has in Varadero…it was a kidde day care basically…lol


Mostly they have slides for small kids. Not sure where such resort with all that entertainment can be found.


I haven’t seen any resort with all those things in all mu travels down there. Sounds more like something you would find at a resort in the US perhaps.


Niagra Falls … Great Wolf Lodge :slight_smile:


Or Magic Mountain in Moncton, LOL


Haha…yes…if only we had the weather right now to go along with the great waterpark!!


Royal Decameron in Panama as of a couple weeks ago had a huge waterslide almost completely built. Not sure when it will be completed, or if it is now. Through Nolitours.

Also the Sheraton Bijao and Playa Blanca RIU in Panama have waterslides. Through Sunwing.

Not sure about what activities are available at these resorts. (The only resort I am quite familiar with is Royal Decameron.)

Weather is usually hot in Panama at this time of year.

Prices, well, that can be hit and miss. Last minute to Royal Decameron can be nicely priced. Not sure about the availability though.


My colleague just cane back from Sandos Caracol in the Mayan Riviera and she said they had a big watermark there.