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What to do after ceremony? Any ideas?


My resort does not have a ballroom. Anybody has any idea if you
of what to do. i thought about goind to disco or reting it out for a couple of hours does anybody know if that is a common pratice?

any ideas are welcome!!! :wink:


I do not know of any resorts that have a “ballroom” and usually the disco(s) do not open until arounf 10:00 or 11:00 in the evening :sunglasses:


Our ceremony is at 3:30, and while we take photos, we are just going to tell guests to either go for a nap - or to go to one of the bars, meeting at the reception for 6:30/7:00. After that, the plan is to tae anyone who wishes to go dance to the disco - not renting it out, it’s just fun to have lots of people at the disco dancing…if that’s not “ideal” then guests can do whatever they wish.


We are having a dance on the terrace ouside our restaurant. The resort is going to set it all up for us. We can use their DJ with our CDs for $50/hr or she said if we have a way of doing our own music we can do that too. We are probably going to use the DJ for 3 hrs then go to the disco or another bar…whatever people feel like doing.


Our wedding was at 4:30 and dinner was at 6:30. We had a trio play music during the ceremony. After the ceremony they played a song for our first dance. After that we took pictures and then cut the cake and had champagne. Our group then went to the lobby bar for drinks and then to dinner. It worked out very well with very little time in between.