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What to do at night- Sirenis Tropical suites

Hello all again. We are going down in March, looks like everything has worked out. Just wondering what to do with teenagers, 13 and 15 at night time. Last time we went they were 10 and 8, so went to bed fairly early. Besides the shows, any suggestions on other fun things we can do…thanks for your input. Also, any updated reviews would be great, I thought there were a few people going in last month or so…thanks again. :o

At Sirenis the best thing to to hope they can hook up with some other teenages to hand out with. Sirenis is pretty far away from anything else. There is a Games room in the front shop section with darts, pool table, etc. So if they can find a few other teens they can hang out there together.

They have the ‘normal’ nightly entainment in the theatre. One year we were there, one show was put on in the pool and was called fire&water. Anybody, teenagers included, would enjoy that one. However, the lobby seems to be where most people congregate in the evenings. There’s normally some kind of live entertainment, but it won’t always be to the taste of a teenager. I believe the disco opens about the time the entertainment in the theatre ends. Last time we were there, a lot of the teenagers joined in with the adults at the lobby bar and (gasp) actually talked with the adults. Along about 11 or midnight, they’d disappear and go to the disco. As mentioned in a previous post, it would be nice if they can join with other teenagers and hang together.