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What travel company


I live in the US but only a couple of hours from Windsor. In watching the different message threads it seems that there are a lot of good deals coming out of Canada for Punta Cana. Who would you suggest for a good deal? All travel agents around here use Apple, which is not all bad, but there are better deals out there than what Apple has to offer. Help me out, PLEASE!!!



Sunquest Vacations and Conquest Vacations have weekly departures from Windsor Airport but only during the peak winter travel season (i.e. a few days before Christmas until late March, possibly early April).

Would you be booking through a travel agent or on-line? Would you like the web addresses for some discount on-line companies?

If you look at the websites for Sunquest and Conquest, you’ll get an idea of what properties they offer.


I would also check package prices out of Toronto. The right package at the right price might justify the drive from Windsor to Toronto. A lot of the hotels on the airport strip have ‘stopover’ packages. For a little more than $100 CDN, you can spend the night at the hotel and leave your car in their parking lot for the one or two weeks you are away.
For on-line travel, check out SellOffVacations, SunHolidays, Bel Air travel, ITravel2000, Holiday Outlet, Escapes, Your Travel Tickets … The list goes on and on. I usually use one of the first three, but check the others before committing myself.


Thanks for all the good suggestions! I will be traveling in late Oct or early Nov. so the Sunquest and Conquest probably would not work out. meandfamily, any assistance you can give as far as web addresses would be greatly appreciated. Bob, thanks for all the good suggestions. I will probably spend all day checking them out.
If anyone has any others, keep them coming.



You might have to wait a while. The tour companies summer/fall offerings generally go to mid October. More offerings will be made when they release the winter brochures, generally July/August, depending on the tour company. Right now I’m looking for early December packages and I’m finding it pretty slim pickings.


Try Your Travel Tickets.com usually a local travel agent will meet or beat their price online!

Good Luck!