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What's changed?


It has been several (3?) years since we visited Iberostar Bavaro, but we are happily headed back in February!

Has anything has changed? Have they added any services/facilities? The restaurants pretty much the same? Do you still need to go out at sunrise to ‘reserve’ a chair ? :slight_smile:

Any guidance appreciated.


The beach bar burnt to the ground a couple of weeks ago, they are building a bigger one in its place.

Restaurants are the same.

Since you’re going during peak times you “may” need to get up early for front rows or preemo spots but there’s always loungers available no matter what time of day.

New animation team since you were there last.

They now offer different categories of rooms :frowning:


Thanks - I hadn’t heard about the bar :frowning: I heard about (But didn’t really grasp) what the room categories are…


Not sure if you have seen the renovated pool area with a children’s “aquatic park” play ship. Seems to have increased the amount of families at the Bavaro naturally. This would be ok except when we were there a couple of years ago, parents were bringing their kids to the pool bar. The kids were busy jumping off the bar stools and spilling syrupy drinks on the counter. Kind of a turnoff, and atmosphere not like it “used to be”.


Iberostar Room categories are now…


Thanks for the link. The categories appear to be more location or services oriented than anything else. I noticed that all the photos are from the same angle and the room size and layout seems to be about the same. They don’t actually say that they have done any upgrades or renovations of the premium rooms.


yes, very confusing indeed… I was just there this past May.


Debbie - Thanks - is there an actual difference in the rooms or is it location/services?


I truly think it’s just location and some ammenities in the rooms… the spa rooms will have some aromatherapy stuff and a spa credit… nothing to get excited about LOL.

The front row bottom rooms will have jacuzzis… again, nothing for ME to get excited about LOL.

Not sure if all these rooms are done though, didn’t see any of the jacuzzi rooms in May.


By my “quick and dirty” calculation, roughly 75% of the rooms are the standard junior suites. Unless you really feel you must have a room next to the beach, spa, etc., I see no reason to pay the hefty upgrade costs.


me neither