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What's going on in Luperon?


Is Luperon a city of call centres and processing? I wonder because some of my calls to Santo Domingo and Bayahibe, to land lines and cell phones, show as calls made to Luperon.

Can anybody confirm or explain?


Kaki :smiley:


I often wondered that myself. Many of the calls I make to the DR come up as coming from Luperon as well–even though the person I was calling lived miles away from there.


From what I’ve been told all calls to the DR come into Luperon and then are rerouted to other places in the DR. It would be like a person making a call a small city in Canada but it is rerouted to a large city in that province first. They do not have as modern a phone system as us so therefore it goes to a central local first. :sunglasses:


Thanks for that, Still. As I expected, but…

Why wouldn’t all calls show that way? Sometimes it registers as the correct location of Santo Domingo, or La Romana, and sometimes it shows as Luperon and even Santiago (though not as frequently)! One of life’s great mysteries possibly and another DR anomaly?

I’m glad to know that it’s not just me!



Kaki: I will email my friend and try and find out more about the DR phone system. Maybe it is being run by some people who just found out the phone was invented ;D ;D :sunglasses: