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What's the truth about Jumbo in PC?

I keep seeing and hearing that there is a Jumbo being built in the PC area. Is this true? Is it open or is it expected to be open soon?


Do not expect a Jumbo for at least a year.



OK, I’ll bite. ::slight_smile:

What’s a Jumbo?


Jumbo is a SUPER SUPER MARKET… similar to our Costo or Priceclub

Not being built according to mikefisher. Rumors only.

What place does a rumour have???
Sorry Wud…but that is how mis-info starts to spread. If it is a rumour, then it should not be posted. I hear tons of rumours everyday…about just about everything around here… but who am I to say…unless I have proof? Better to say nothing, than to spread speculation.



that is what I was told, I never posted that it was going to be built but I did read it somewhere, mike told me that it is no more than a rumor, when I see it I will believe…
You posted “Do not expect a Jumbo for at least a year.” do you have information that mikefisher doesnt have?

It is same as the huge Ocean World sign…coming soon, when Sr. Meister tells me it is being built then I will believe it. He did tell me they have land purchased in Punta Cana.

There is also much construction going on in the area with NO signs, a huge pad of concrete between Cabeza de toro and Cortecito, something big near the Palma Real, no sense speculating, will have to wait until until these projects are signed.

I certainly do not like rumors.

Mike: See ya again in late January, this time bring the lovely lady with you for a couple of drinks, perhaps your l’il sis will be coming along also, we are working on her. “Wud”