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Wheelchair access

Hi folks, I need some information that does not seem readily available. Would it be possible for someone on the forum to recommend a wheelchair accessible resort?

many thanks!!

There is on in Cayo Coco where one of my clients goes to every year its fully accessible including roll in shower… However Im unsure of the name but I could get back to you on that…

The SIRENIS LA SALINA is also wheelchair friendly!!!

My friend has used the Playa Pesquero in Holguin and the Playa D’Oro
resort in Varedaro.
Both places were great and even helped her onto the beach and back.
She was very happy.
You would be very pleased according to her praises.

The Blau Costa Verde in Holguin is also quite wheelchair friendly - small resort, elevators, paved path right to the beach.

thank you so much! i will write these down for next year. where is playa costa verde?

[quote=@lizwink]…where is playa costa verde?

It’s in the Holguin area on the same beach as Playa Pesquero and Blau Costa Verde.

Breezes Jibacoa (small resort half way between Varadero and Havana). We were just there and I saw at least 3 people in wheel chairs and there is a ramp access on the side of the main building so there is no problem getting to the lobby and ala carte restaurants and all the amenities in the main building. There are paved walkways all the way to the beach and Ranchon (beach bar/restaurant) and, of course, no issues with wheelchairs in the pool area. The bathrooms are, also, wheelchair friendly with shower heads set up separate to the main bathtub/shower area for people who can’t get into the tub.