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Wheelchair accessible resorts?


I have a family interested in traveling to Punta Cana. Dad is in a wheelchair. Anyone know which resorts would be most accessible for him to get around?


I will suggest Palladium Palace or Paladium Bavaro, both are very wheelchair accessible.

Also jailcop reports that he finally got there and he has found nobody that is sick.


Hi there.

My mother in law is a parapalegic and we are planning on taking a trip with her to Punta Cana this summer. My family has travelled quite a bit in PC and feel that the best resort for wheelchairs is the RIU’s. My parents stayed at the RIU Bambu last winter and took video of the property especially the wheelchair access (to prove to my mother in law that she should go with us all). Most areas were ramped and quite accessible. They even met some people in wheelchairs and asked them and got positive responses. Even access to the pool is ramped so you can just wheel right into the pool and float off the chair if you wanted to swim.

The RIU property also has a nice long paved path along the beach and you can wheel right up to shade or sun beach chairs. We are looking forward to this trip as it will be my wife’s parents first trip. We will be travelling in a large group (my family and my wifes) and we are all willing to help her out. The only worry we have is the transfer from airport to hotel, but we will get her there.

Also I would makes sure it is very clear that you get the booked into a ground floor room and one that has an accessible washroom.

From my other experiences in the south most resorts accomodate wheelchairs, lots of ramps. But we will be looking at some of the bigger chains as they might be best. I have also stayed at the Fiesta Palace in PC and I feel it is just as accessible, but not as nice a long the beach for access.

If you work with your TA to ensure the details I don’t think it will be a problem.

If you find out more I would be interestd in hearing.



My friend is a paraplegic and she’s had great success with the Riu’s in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.
The first time she was supposed to stay at the Naiboa but there were no accessible rooms available so she was moved to the Bambu. The second trip she booked at the Naiboa and was assigned an accessible room.
In September she was at the Bachata in Puerto Plata and she found it to be a very wheelchair friendly property.
She’s travelling to the Barcelos in Punta Cana in March so if your trip isn’t in the immediate future, I’d be happy to update you on her accessibility comments about these resorts.