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Wheelchair friendly hotels

Hi all, my wife & I are visiting Cuba again late Oct. '08. If anyone know’s any good Wheelchair friendly hotels in Holguin & Trinidad, could you please send me some info. We’re staying in Havana & Varadero. During our time in Cuba we would like to visit Holguin & Trinidad, but need info. on any hotels (not resorts) in these area’s. I’ll check back later, many thanks in advance,
PS We had a wonderful holiday in Cuba in July '06, & we travel from Ireland, a long flight, but worth every minute.

Check out Playa Pesquero Resort in Holguin. There were ramps everywhere there were stairs…and the walk ways would accomodate wheelchairs. In the room, the washrooms would accomodate a wheelchair easily. The food, beach and drinks were excellent. We loved it there!

Good luck.

Since you said no resorts, I can’t suggest Playa Pesquero, which is near perfect for wheelchair accessibility.

Thanks for that, I’ll watch out for any more info. Any suggestions on what to bring to the people in the area’s like Holguin, Trinadad which I heard have been battered from the storms,
thanks again,

I have never been to Trinidad, but I just returned from the Brisas Guardalavaca, villas section (which is a resort), (Holguin) and do not recall ever seeing as many wheelchairs at any other resort I have been to. Most of the resort has ramps near the few steps there are and I understand they have specific accessible rooms and all the ground floor villas have barrier-free patios.

Do not go to Grand Playa Turquesa, lots and lots of stairs…

No steps at Don Lino.

Where is “Grand Playa Turquesa” is it in Havana !

Where & what is Don Lino, is this in Havana

Both of those resorts are in the Holguin area.

[quote=@johnston]Where & what is Don Lino, is this in Havana
[/quote]Don LIno is a very small, two star resort in the Holguin area. The roads to get there are pretty bad. Certainly not much in the way of stairs, but not a lot of amenities either. A bit like visiting someone’s cottage. That said, it would be cheaper than the other resorts. You can see my review of it here, 2nd one down: http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/cuba/hotelper.html

Hi & thanks to all, weve been to Havana, we’re in Trinadad right now, so far the problems we’ve encountered have been very small, and for the most part lots of fun, talk to you again & will give any info I get on wheelchair access,

I beg to differ about Don Lino. There is a step into the room. A step up to the bar area. It is not that accessible, trust me, been there, done that.

Now Breezes Jibacoa is good. Brisas Guardalavaca is not bad for the hotel part except you can’t go to the Italian restaurant or the store because there is no elevator that accesses that part of the hotel. I don’t know about the villas, never stayed there. The boardwalk along the beach is really rough if you are in a mobility aide ie, wheelchair, scooter, etc. The street side is okay though. Its been about 3 years since we have been there so things may have changed.

We went to Havana and stayed in a casa particular in September. The casa was in an apartment building that had an elevator so accessiblity was good for the casa itself. It was also in an excellent location right on the edge of Havana Vieja, just up the street from the Capitol building. Getting around in Havana was tricky. Not undoable, just tricky. We went for a drink at the Hotel Nacional and it looked like it was accessible for the most part.

We haven’t stayed in any non-resort hotels or casa particulars in Holguin since mobility became an issue for us so I can’t comment on that.

Our “home” resort now is Brisas Sierra Mar in Santiago. There are elevators there albeit somewhat unreliable, but there are ways around that. If you want info please feel free to PM me.


There are a couple of paralymians doing training at Amigo Guardalavaca right now and the place is very wheelchair friendly.