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When are you going?


We are going Mar 6-20th
Can hardly wait!!!
Just wondered when others are going :slight_smile:
This is my first trip to Panama but it sounds beautiful. I want to go on the zip line canopy tour. Is it worth going on?? Thanks for any input


You will have a great time, we were there for 2 weeks the end of January. We didn’t hear much about the zip line tour but make sure you go to see the Panama Canal - one of the wonders of the world. Take lots of sunscreen, it was hot in January, I imagine hotter in March.


Thanks for the info. We definitely are going to go to the canal. It wouldn’t feel right to go to Panama and not go on the canal.
I know we’ll have a great time


We (husband, 18yr son, myself) will arrive 25th Feb and leave the 3rd of March - very excited!!