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When booking LA cartes at Bahia principe coba


Does anyone know when booking where do you book these la cartes at?(location) they say it is hard to get in to them and you must do it the day you arrive do to the amount of ppl. they say the next day is too late if you want certain one’s… thanks:)


we booked ours the next day, and had no problem…people come and go everyday


but where in the resort do you book ex) lobby, theatre, lacartes you want to eat that night?


Booking takes place in the lobby (around the corner from where you check-in).

We booked the day we arrived, but still couldn’t get desirable time slots for popular ala cartes (we got in, but had to eat at 9:30-10:00pm in some cases).
This was agrivating because when we arrived at the ala carte, it was half empty anyway… >:(


I was able to pre book our ala cartes…just emailed guest services requested the ala carte and the day. Didn’t ask for a specific time just somewhere between 6:30 - 8:00. Had a response within 2 hours confirming the reservation.
I was only able to prebook ones that were at the Coba, any in Tulum and Akumal couldn’t be booked until we arrive.

Requested this March 5th and we are not leaving until the 27th.

Hope this helps…beats rushing to get the ones you want.


what room did you stay in?? was it a good location?? do you know the email address for the guest services