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When is Holy week this year?

just wondering as we went one year and resort was only half staff and food limited and no motorized water sport? due to holy week.

Well Easter Sunday is April 12th so Good Friday will obviously be April 10th 2009. We have been in the DR for Easter and the change is minimal…only if you enjoy motorized activities. Also locals may celebrate Easter a little more than you or I. Easter Week-end tends to be very quiet (for tourists) … treat your servers with a little kindness as they may have been celebrating over Easter. Keep this in mind.

yeap Alf,
easter week is april 5th -12th 2009.
happy travel

Mike, I might see you that week, we are deciding between POP and PUJ, will let you know.

i may be here

We were in DR last year for Easter and we never noticed any difference at the resort. We were simply told that no tours would operate on Good Friday which was not a big deal.

This will be our forth year, flying out of Toronto on Good Friday. No tour’s or motor sports for a few day’s, everything else is a go. Gotta love it.

exactly that,
within a resort the only “missing” would be the motorized watersports which many visitors anyways do not use, or do all of you go scuba diving and banana ride and parasailing?
ha ha
for the rest, the resorts provide their services like usual.
outside off the resorts it is different, specially on our high holiday good friday, that day public bars do not serve any alcohol and no music playing will be allowed, what means that those spots are closed. for that reason it would not be worth to run a excursion like a jeep safari or such, because there would not be a place open to visit or a spot to find a cold beer on the run, lol.
for our visitors the effect of easter week weekend is nearby nothing, business like usual.
happy travel

Will the resorts allow the use of their kayaks during this week and would the watersports areas do their snorkleing tours that week.?

that’s all been answered above.
kayaks do not have a engine, so they are available.
snorkel gear as part of your all inclusive package will be available.
snorkeltours using a boat are motorized and not available
happy travel

The Holy week is held every year, between 4 and 11 of April,this year the main week is from April 5th to 12th in all Dominican Republic, so also in Punta Cana. Most of the water sports and all the beach activities are closed during that period of time. The resorts are open, but all the activity and fun is slowed down.

Here you have the calendar.


Fun in the sun!!


which watersports and beach activities are closed?
which fun is slowed down.
each has the right to his own opinion,
but this thread is about facts.
you should spend the holy week weekend at a resort, so you would know how wrong you are.
i know i will have fun there again this year thursday april 9th til sunday april 12th 2009.
happy travel

Ok…MF …Lets start from go… I know kayaks do not have motors !! I have my own snorkel gear but what dates could I go snorkeing from the beach if any? I know that snorkel tours from the beach have motors what dates could I use them? I have been on your charters before and I assume that since your boats have motors that we will not be able to go fishing or am I dumb ? ?

bo Bob, you’re not dumb, ha ha.
while the law prohibits all motorized water activities in general the local handling allows exceptions.
the following list is just for good friday til easter sunday, the rest of holy week is not effected in any way.
and that’s what been usual/present last year.

  • snorkeling from the beach, no problem
  • watersports centers are open and operating, so you get the in your all inclusive package included snorkel gear, kayaks aso
  • no Banana boats operating
  • no snorkel catamarans operating, but i heard rumors, and i can not promise such, but i heard rumors that on easter satursday and sunday 2 companies may be allowed to operate because they work from a spot where no danger is present to the numerous swimmers in the water.
  • good friday even landbased excursions/jeep safaris aso will not operate, even if they would they would not be worth the bucks that day, because good friday is on our public streets everything closed, no music, no alcohol, no schools, just good friday
  • no parasail boats operating
  • til last year fishing boats operating from a public beach are not operating
  • sportfishing fleets operating from Marina docks like my own been always allowed to operate without exception, because we are not passing near swimming zones/areas, so no danger present. but to give the crews also their holy week brake i decided for this year again not to operate good friday, the rest of the week is business like usual

happy holidays
we are here actually today on a national holiday
it is Pablo Duarte Day

Thanks Mike…I appreciate your help. This helps me understand how to plan my vacation as we are planning to vis1t 4/1 thru 4/11. We were actualy in PP a few years go on Easter Sat and Sun. and the hotel did not even have the watersports area open at all those two days. We had to wait til the monday after Easter to use kayaks. Lots of local people people on holiday those days swimming on local beaches having a great time as well we did. Once again Thanks.

you’re welcome.
and few years back it was much more confusing, because the “rules” been not really clear before the day when they started to effect.
i.e. few years back we got told at the beginning of easter week that fishing boats are not allowed to operate from wednesday til easter sunday, so of course we inform the customers and cancel the bookings.
on that wednesday morning the boats received their daily signed permission, would’ve been able to fish, but of course no customers been booked. so for the next day customers got booked and went fishing, good friday been closed anyways, businesses should give their employees that day off anyways, saturday been fishing, too, surprisingly without a prior notive the sunday been closed, ha ha.
the last years it was more reliable, i ask about the actual rules here at the Marine’s headquarter just 50 meters from my base and what they told me been finally done as promised/announced.
that’s a bit of caribbean lifestyle, ha ha.
in your case, that a watersports center is completely closed, even for the all inclusive snorkel gear, kayaks aso, that’s not a nice move from the watersports center owner. i would understand if they stay closed on good friday, the same for december 25th, but the whole weekend, that’s not nice and in that case not ordered by law, that’s the watersports centers own decision.
happy travel