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When management fails.... (CVJ)

Discussion in this thread: http://debbiesreviews.proboards88.com/index.cgi?board=Cuba&action=display&thread=7148

has made me want to do something about a resort management’s staff accountability. If the owners aren’t aware that these kinds of things are happening “under their watch”, how can they address the situation?

Many vacationers will contact the hotel management, but what if it’s precisely that management that is the root of the problem?

Does anyone know how to find out the name/contact information for the Cameleon Villas Jibacoa? For those of us outraged and saddened by the recent, abrupt decline in this property, maybe there is something we can do about it by bumping the problem up the ladder…

I could not agree more!

Something needs to be done ASAP!

Hopefully we can find the contact information and voice our concerns to the right people.

There’s an address in this thread:



Thank you. That address, however, is a resort e-mail contact. We’re looking for off site management.

Thank you.

I may be wrong on this, but I thought that the international tour operator that ‘owns’ shares in Cameleon Jibacoa was Nolitours - a Canadian based company. If that is true, it may be easier to contact someone locally (here in Canada) rather than a large European chain (such as Barcelo or Sol Melia. Does anyone know how to confirm if it is Nolitiours that is the international stakeholder?

Transat A.T. Inc.
Place du Parc
300 Léo-Pariseau Street, Suite 600
Montreal (Quebec) H2X 4C2
Tel: +1 514 987-1660

To obtain an answer to your request, please contact the appropriate department directly.

For any question or comment regarding your trip, please contact your travel agent or our Customer Relations department.

Customer Relations
Air Transat, Nolitours, Transat Holidays
1 800 387-2672 or +1 514 987-6078

Transat Tours Canada Inc.

Company Overview
Transat Tours Canada Inc. organizes, markets, and distributes holiday travels in Canada. The company also manages and operates Transat Holidays, Nolitour/World of Vacations, and the commercial operations of airline company Air Transat. The company is a subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc.

300 Rue Leo-Pariseau
Bureau 400
Montreal, QC H2X 4B3



Key Executives
Mr. Nelson Gentiletti - President

Mr. Robert Attala - Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

And more from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transat_A.T.

Thank you.

Okay - here’s a bit of information about Cuban management as I know it. They are Cuban owned. There maybe managing companies like property managers here in Ontario will take care of a building here in Ontario that is owned by another company.

The BIG differently is that the owner ‘Cuba’ will tell the managing company Iberostar, Solmelia or others how many people they will have to operate the hotel. They will also charge the hotel a fee for beach cleaning and supply the man power.

A letter to the travel company and the management can help - but not the way we here in Canada or in England would directly effect persons able to make the difference. The tour operator if they see people are dissatisfied can threaten not to book at a destination or bump it down a star (or 2) which will cause loss of revenue.

Can a letter make a difference - possibly but there is no owner or manager that has that power. Possibly a well worded letter to the resort with cc’s to the local tourism board may help.

The owner of ALL THE HOTELS in cuba is the cuban government. The foreign aspect of these hotels,eg Cameleon, only provides marketing and management services for the hotel. They can make suggestions, but if the cuban part does not get around to it, well it does not get done. Customer service is not a strong point with the cubans. The way they look at it, well you may not go back, but there will be others who will.

It’s my understanding that AI resort hotels are owned in partnership with international interests. For example, the Cameleon chain is Cuban and Canadian, the Mélia group is Cuban and Spanish, etc. Just as in Mexico, only Mexican nationals can actually own property, but there are strong partnerships that, I think (I could be wrong), heavily influence what happens at that particular resort (i.e. management, food being imported).

Regarding the Cuban gov’t charging the hotel for beach cleaning services and staff to do it, my point was that the beach cleaning existed, but the staff was doing an appallingly poor job of it and on-site management did nothing to improve it.

There are several different structures.

Basically, the owner of the hotel is either a Cuban company such as Cubanacan or Gaviota or a joint venture.

The owner will then either manage the hotel itself, or appoint an separate manager. In general, the joint ventures appoint a foreign manager. (For example, the NH Krystal is owned by Cubanacan and a consortium of British/Dutch investors, who jointly appointed the Spanish NH as manager). Some 100% Cuban owned properties also have foreign managers - in Havana, the Gaviota owned Panorama and Occidental Miramar, for example.

Melia is a Spanish group (nothing Cuban about them), who operate hotels in Cuba - and in some cases also have ownership interests.

I don’t know about Cameleon, but if they are a foreign firm, you ought to be able to track them down.

Thanks for clearing this up.
I was aware that the Cuban govt.
did not own all of the resorts as well as
that they had some joint ventures.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the verification for this.

As an aside…the NH Krystal in Cayo Coco was built
and initially run by an NHL hockey player

Are you talking about El Senador? Former Montréal Canadien, Serge Savard, is part owner.

Are you sure? I thought he sold a while back and NH Krystal took over.

AnneM, you are correct. Wikipedia is my friend. :slight_smile: He used to be part-owner, but no more.

(I think I wrote that part of the Wikipedia entry.)

Yes, the Canadian consortium, including Serge Savard and his partners, sold their interest in the property about 3 years ago - just before NH were brought in.